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What are the requirements for importing SOV Line Items from CSV?


One way to add line items to a Schedule of Values (SOV) into one of Procore's supported Project Financials tools is to input your line items into a CSV file and then import the data. For the best result, always download the required CSV template from the appropriate Procore tool. For a list of tutorials and templates, see Procore Import Templates

After you download the Procore template, simply open CSV file and input your line items using the column structure defined in the template file. After the input is complete, save the file in the CSV format. Then, upload it to the tool's Schedule of Values using the instructions below:


Before you download and update the CSV import template for an SOV, it is important to be aware of the following requirements:

Required Import File Format

Always download and input your data into the required CSV template from the appropriate Procore tool.


When downloading the blank import template, some Procore tools allow you to customise the delimiter. A delimiter is a character used to separate values or text strings. It marks both the beginning and end of a unit of data. The choices are:

  • Comma. Separates data using a comma (,). This is Procore's default option. 
  • Semicolon. Separates data using a semicolon (;). 
To learn which tools support customised delimiters when importing Schedule of Values line items, see Procore Import Templates

Column Data

A CSV file is a delimited file that stores tabular data and uses a comma to separate values. Each row in the file corresponds to a data record. In this case, the data record is a line item that you want to add to the SOV. 

  • Do NOT add data columns to the template. Column headings must match the expected field names in Procore. 
  • Do NOT move data columns in the template. Columns and any data that you input into them must be input in the order required by Procore's database. 

In order to import sub jobs, the sub job feature must be active on your project. See Enable Sub Jobs and Add a Sub Job to a Procore Project

Row Data

  • Procore does NOT import line items when data entry is missing from these fields:
    • Cost Code Name. Your entry must exactly match the cost code name in the Project Admin tool. 
    • Cost Code Number. Your entry must exactly match the cost code number in the Project Admin tool. 
    • Line Item Type. You must enter a value in this field.
    • Amount or Quantity/Description/Unit Price. You must enter a value in this field. Your data entry requirements depend on the accounting method set on the contract. See How do I set the accounting method for a contract or funding?
  • You can add multiple line items with the same cost codes, even if they have the same category. In the example below, two (2) separate line items are created.
    • 02-300 - Earthwork, M, $30,000
    • 02-300 - Earthwork, M, $10,500


Additional Information