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Procore Import Templates

Tools: Tutorials and Import Template Downloads

If your company's Procore Administrator has successfully implemented Procore, users with 'Admin' level permission to the Company or Project level tool can import data. Users with access to Windows 7 or newer can import cost codes, contacts, locations, punch items, and submittals through the new Procore Imports App. Download it here.

ADMIN: Cost Codes Prepare Company Cost Codes for Import to the Procore Imports App import-cost-codes.xlsx
DIRECTORY Prepare Company Contacts for Import to the Procore Imports App import-users.xlsx
ERP INTEGRATIONS Integration by Procore: Request to Import Custom Cost Types for Viewpoint® Spectrum® import-spectrum-cost-types.xlsx


ADMIN: Budgeted Production Quantities Import Budgeted Production Quantities
ADMIN: Cost Codes Prepare Project Cost Codes for Import to the Procore Imports App import-cost-codes.xlsx
ADMIN: Specifications 1 Import Spec Sections to the Admin Tool specification_sections.csv
ADMIN: Locations Prepare Locations for Import to the Procore Imports App import-locations.xlsx
BUDGET: Budget Line Items & Budgeted Production Quantities Import a Budget CSV 4 budget.csv
BUDGET: Budget Line Items 2 Import a ProEst Estimate for the Budget SOV
BUDGET: Installed Production Quantities Import Installed Production Quantities for the Labor Productivity Cost Budget View
COMMITMENTS Import a Commitment CSV
DIRECT COSTS Import Direct Costs import-direct-costs.csv import-direct-costs.xlsx
DIRECTORY Prepare Project Contacts for Import to the Procore Imports App import-users.xlsx
DRAWINGS Upload Drawings
PUNCH LIST Prepare Punch List Items for Import to the Procore Imports App import-punch-list.xlsx
PRIME CONTRACT Import a Prime Contract CSV
SPECIFICATIONS3 Upload Specifications
SUBMITTALS Important Note Regarding Submittals
Instead of importing submittals, Procore recommends using the Submittal Builder in the Project level Submittals tool to create your project's submittals. For instructions, see Generate Submittals from Specifications (Submittal Builder).
If you still want to perform an import, see the link below.
Prepare Submittals for Import to the Procore Imports App import-submittals.xlsx

1 Use this import method only if your company has NOT enabled the Specifications tool on a project.

2 Use this import method only when your company is using the ProEst integration. See ProEst

3 If your company has enabled the Specifications tool on a project, you will upload your specifications directly into Procore. See Upload Specifications

4 The budget import template contains two worksheets: (1) A worksheet for importing budget line items and (2) A worksheet for importing budgeted production quantities. To learn more, see What are 'production quantities'? and Update the 'Budgeted Production Quantities' Worksheet.

Tools: Tutorials for Import Request

If your company's Procore Administrator has successfully implemented Procore in your environment, users with 'Admin' level permission to the Company or Project level tool can request a data import if they do not have access to Windows 7 or higher. 

Tool Tutorial
ADMIN: Cost Codes Request a Cost Code Import
ADMIN: Locations Request a Multi-tiered Locations Import
DIRECTORY Request Company and People Imports
PUNCH LIST Request a Punch List Import
SUBMITTALS Request a Submittals Import



Procore Drive Bulk Uploads

DOCUMENTS Upload Files into a Folder in Procore Drive
EMAILS1 Bulk Import Emails using Procore Drive
PHOTOS Upload Photos to an Album in Procore Drive
SCHEDULE Integrate a Microsoft Project Schedule using Procore Drive

1 Bulk uploads of emails is limited to the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook.


Data Imports: Third-Party Integrations

There are a handful of data integration tools that can leverage the Procore API to perform simple data imports for many of the tools in Procore.
Note: These tools are not managed by Procore at this time.

  • Zapier® is a self-service middleware connector that allows clients to solve simple tasks by tapping into other apps such as Trello®, Slack®, Asana®, etc. The most common use cases include Importing RFIs, Projects, and Contacts from Google Sheets/Excel® into Procore. More info can be found via this link.
  • Similar solutions include Azuqua®RatchetX®, and others.
  • For a list of all integrations, click here.

Professional Services

Procore Professional Services can be engaged to deliver custom data migrations that meet your needs. Previous projects include RFI, Submittal, and Insurance migrations. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to your Procore contact for more information.

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