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Integrate a Microsoft Project, Asta or Phoenix Program using Procore Drive

The following article outlines the preferred method for uploading the project's Microsoft Project Program to Procore's Program tool. If you do not have a Windows computer, see Upload a Microsoft Project Program to Procore's Web Application.


To integrate a Microsoft Project program with a project managed in Procore.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permission on the project's Program tool.
  • Supported Microsoft Project Versions:
  • Additional Information:
    • When you integrate an Microsoft Project, Asta or Phoenix program with its associated project in Procore, anyone with ‘Read-only’ access and above (on the project’s Program tool) will have read-only access your Microsoft Project, Asta or Phoenix program directly in Procore.
    • Your program cannot be changed from Procore. (i.e. No users logged in to Procore will be able to add/delete/change any part of your program from Procore). Any changes to your project program must be performed using Microsoft Project, Asta or Phoenix software and be reuploaded to Procore.
    • You can only link a single program to a Procore project. When a new version of the program becomes available, you must remember to update the program in Procore.


Procore Drive
Procore Web Application

Before you can upload a program using Procore Drive, you need to configure the Program tool in Procore for the file type you're going to integrate with.
Note: You need 'Admin' level permissions to configure the Program tool.

  1. Navigate to the project's Program tool.
  2. Click Configure program settings.
  3. Click the Program Settings page. 
  4. Under the Upload Project Program Files section, select 'File upload via Procore Drive'.
  5. At the bottom of the page, click Update.

Training Video


Video content may not accurately reflect the current state of the system, and/or it may be out of date.




  1. Launch Procore Drive on your computer.
  2. Log in using your Procore credentials, see Log in to Procore Drive.
  3. Select your company and project from the drop-down menus.
  4. Select the Program tool.
  5. Click Upload.
    Note: If the project programming preference is currently configured for a 'Primavera Integration', click the Program File Integration drop-down menu.
  6. Browse your local file system and select the appropriate Microsoft Project , Asta Power or Phoenix project file (*.mpp, *pp, *ppx, ect).
  7. Click Open.
  8. Verify that you can see your program and all of its data under your project’s Program tool. 
    Note: After you upload your initial program file, Procore will manage the file and save the uploaded version in the Documents tool in the 'Schedules' folder. To access this folder users need admin privileges on the Documents tool.