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Assign Resources to Microsoft Project Users


To use the project's Program tool to assign users from the Project Directory to Microsoft Project resources on tasks on an imported MS Project program. 


In Microsoft Project, the Gantt Chart view lets project managers assign 'Resources Names' to tasks on a project program. The 'Resource Names' corresponds to the name of the person who is responsible for completing a project task. 

If your project has integrated Procore's Program tool to work with one of the supported versions of Microsoft Project, the 'Resource Name' information in your project program will be uploaded into Procore with any programmed tasks that includes named resources. See Integrate a Microsoft Project Program Using Procore Drive.

After your Microsoft Project program is uploaded successfully, you can use the project's Program tool to update the resources imported with your program by assigning 'Resources' to specific project users using the Steps below.  

Once the resources in your Microsoft Project program are assigned to the appropriate Procore users, any programmed task with a 'Resource Name' in Microsoft Project will now have a Procore user name associated with it. This gives the the 'Program Work Register' in the project's Site Diary tool the ability to display the name of the Procore user who is assigned to complete the work. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' on the project's Program tool.
      Note: To view or edit information on the Permissions Table page for the Program tool, 'Admin' permission to the project's Directory tool is also required.


  • Prior to uploading the Microsoft Project Program, ensure the program includes resource assignments on the project's tasks. For instructions, see the Help System for your version of Microsoft Project. 
  • Before you can complete the steps below, you must upload a MS Project Program to the Schedule Tool. See Integrate a Microsoft Project Program Using Procore Drive.


Assign Resources to Users

  1. Navigate to the project's Program tool. 
  2. Click Configure Program Settings.
  3. Click User Permissions.
  4. Next to the desired user(s) in the list, select the desired resource names from the Resource drop-down list. 
    Note: In order for selections to appear in the drop-down list, your imported Microsoft Project Program must include data in the Resource Names column.
  5. Optional: If you want the person assigned as the resource to receive a weekly notification from Procore, mark the Weekly Resource Email checkbox. 
  6. Click Back when you're finished.