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What happens when I update a project to the new tender management experience?


Procore has released Tender Management Enhanced Experience, a streamlined experience for managing tenders in the Tendering tool. This experience includes features such as tender forms, tender levelling and an integration with the Procore Construction Network.


When a project's Tendering tool is updated to Tender Management Enhanced Experience, Procore automatically transfers existing information (such as tender package names, tenderers and other details) from the old experience to the new experience. 

For information on the differences between the old and new tender management experience, see What is the difference between the old and new tender management experience in the Tendering tool?

However, in order to preserve data and keep tenders separate in the new experience, Procore automatically creates a tender form for each tenderer. When you click on a tender package in the project, you'll see tender forms that are titled with the companies' names.

For example, if there were three (3) tenderers in a tender package, you will see three (3) separate tender forms within that tender package. Refer the image below to see where this information is shown.