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What is the difference between the old and new tender management experience in the Tendering tool?


Procore is introducing Tender Management Enhanced Experience, a streamlined experience for managing tenders in the Tendering tool. See About Tender Management Enhanced Experience. This article details the differences between the new and legacy experiences.


While many features in the Tendering tool remain unchanged, the new tender experience offers tender forms, tender levelling and an integration with the Procore Construction Network.

See the information below for more details:

Process Changes

The table below describes processes that have changed or are completed in other areas of the tool. All other processes remain the same. 

Action Legacy Experience Enhanced Experience
Add and Invite Tenderers

You can add and invite tenderers after creating a tender package.

An 'Add Tenderers' button is available at the top of the page.

After creating a tender package, you must create a tender form before you can add tenderers.

An 'Add Tenderers' button is available after creating the tender form. You can also add tenderers from the 'Bidders' tab of the tender form and the 'Bidding' tab of the tender package.

Open Company Directory to Access Tenderer Info Click the company’s name from the 'Bidders' table From the table on the 'Bidding' or 'Bidders' tab, click the vertical ellipsis icon on a tenderer row and select Company Directory.
Manage Tender Recipients

When inviting tenderers, you can update recipients, but not add new contacts.

When adding tenderers, you can add a new contact for companies that don't have any default tender contacts, but you can't manage the existing contacts.

Tender recipients can't be edited in the Tenderer tables.

You can manage tender recipients and add new contacts when inviting, adding tenderers or from the 'Bidder' tables.

Filter and Group Tenderers You can filter and group tenderers by Cost Code and Trade. You can filter and sort tenderers by options such as tender status, location and business certifications. 
Send a Correspondence  You could send a correspondence from the Correspondence tab or from the Bulk Actions menu. You can send a correspondence from the Correspondence tab. You can select recipients by tender form.
Submit a Tender on Behalf of a Subcontractor Click the 'View' button from the 'Bidders' table to open the Tender Sheet tab. Click the tenderers name from the table on the 'Bidding' or 'Bidders' tab to open the Tender modal.
Resend a Tender Invitation to an Individual You can't resend a tender invitation to an individual tender recipient unless you remove all other tender recipients from the company on the 'Reinvite Tenderers' page.
Note: This is not recommended since it removes the recipients that you previously invited from the tenderers table, along with their contact info.
From the table in the 'Bidding' or 'Bidders' tab, you can click an email icon for an individual tender recipient and resend the invitation to them. 

Feature Comparison

Note: Additional features are planned and in development for Tender Management Enhanced Experience. 

See the table below for features available in the Legacy and Enhanced tender management experiences in the Tendering tool:

Action Legacy Experience Enhanced Experience
Create and Manage a Tender Package icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png
Create and Manage Tender Forms   icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png
Search for, Add and Invite Tenderers from the Company Directory icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png
Search for, Add and Invite Tenderers from the Procore Construction Network   icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png
Add New Companies and Contacts to the Directory from the Tendering Tool icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png
Compare Tenders (Bid Levelling)   icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png
Resend a Tender Invitation to an Individual Tender Recipient   icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png
Download Tender Attachments from 'Bidders' Table   icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png
Inline Edit Tender Recipients from 'Bidders' Table   icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png
Send a Correspondence icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png
Award a Tender icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png
Soft Award a Tender   icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png
Convert an Awarded Tender to a Subcontract or Purchase Order icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png icon-mindtouch-table-check2.png
Tender Form Templates   planned for development


Why use Tender Forms?

Tender forms make it easier to break down scope and cost information and help to standardise the responses that are being received from tenderers. In addition, the use of tender forms allows for tender levelling on submitted tenders. See Level Tenders for a Tender Form.

What if I don’t plan to define scope?

Tender forms aren't just about scope. They can help you better assess coverage by allowing you to customise how you organise your tenderers. If you create one tender form per trade and have tenderers that tender on multiple tender forms, you can now track Tender Status, Notes and Activity separately. This wasn’t possible in the old experience, since tenderers were tracked by Company instead of Trade.

A Head Contractor invites Acme Construction to tender on two tender forms: one for Electrical and one for HVAC. If the company chooses to tender on Electrical, but not tender on HVAC, both statuses will still be recorded. Notes and Activity are also tracked per tender form instead of per company.

What permissions are required to view a tender form?

Users must have 'Read Only' or higher level permissions to the project's Tendering tool and be added to the 'Bidding CC Group'.

Where do I add tenderers?

In the new experience, you can add tenderers after you create a tender form. See Add Tenderers to a Tender Form.

There are three (3) different areas where you can add tenderers:

  • While creating or editing a tender form, click Save and Add Tenderers. See Create a Tender Form.
  • From the 'Bidders' tab, click Add Tenderers.
  • From the 'Bidding' tab of the tender package, click the plus + icon on the right side.

Can I modify the columns on a tender form?

Yes. You can click the vertical ellipsis icon-ellipsis-vertical.png icon on a column to adjust the sizing of the columns or pin them to a certain side. 

Can I Switch back to the old tendering experience?

No. Once you update a project to the new experience, it cannot be switched back.

Will more features be added?

Yes. Additional features, such as templates, are planned for development.