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How do I add tenderers in the new tender management experience?

The content below describes functionality that is part of the new Tender Management Enhanced Experience. See About Tender Management Enhanced Experience.


Procore is introducing Tender Management Enhanced Experience, a streamlined experience for managing tenders in the Tendering tool. See About Tender Management Enhanced Experience. This article details the differences between the new and legacy experiences.


In the new experience, you can add tenderers after you create a tender form. See Add Tenderers to a Tender Form.

There are three (3) different areas where you can add tenderers:

  • While creating or editing a tender form, click Save and Add Tenderers. See Create a Tender Form.
  • From the 'Bidders' tab, click Add Tenderers.
  • From the 'Bidding' tab of the tender package, click the plus + icon on the right side.