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When are email notifications sent for Self-Serve Custom Workflows?


Self-Serve Custom Workflows send out various automatic email notifications to users when certain events take place on a workflow. Some emails notify users of a specific action to complete and others are a digest of already completed actions.

Listed below are the different types of email notifications sent from custom workflows, including information about who receives them and when they are sent.

Digest Emails

Depending on the template configuration for each workflow step, digest emails are sent to notify the assignees, distribution group, item creator and workflow manager of certain events that will take place throughout a workflow. Emails are sent at 7 AM in the local time zone of the user.

The following actions will be included in the email:

  • Workflow response recorded
  • Workflow step changed

Assignment Emails

A user assigned to a specific workflow step will be sent an email notification when it is their turn to respond in the workflow. This email will be sent immediately when their step becomes active. The item will also appear in their 'My Open Items'. See Is there a way to see all the open items in Procore assigned to me?

Workflow Completed Emails

Users listed on a Workflow's distribution list will receive an automated email once the workflow has been completed. 

Overdue Reminder Emails

If a user does not respond to their assigned step in a workflow by its due date, a daily reminder email will be sent the following morning at 7 AM in their local time zone. The reminder email will be sent each day at the same time until the workflow step is complete.

Assignment Required Emails

If a workflow progresses to a step where no user is assigned, an email will be sent to the workflow manager so a user can be assigned to the step.

Error Emails

The workflow manager will be notified if there are any errors during the process of completing a workflow.