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What are the differences between Legacy and Self-Serve Workflows?


The table below discusses the differences between self-service (v2) and legacy (v1) custom workflows in Procore.


Self Service Workflows

Legacy Workflows

Create and manage your own workflows.

Use the Workflows tool at the company level to create workflows and assign them to projects.

Workflows created and managed by Procore.

Procore's Custom Solutions team builds your company's workflows.

  • Create and edit your own workflows.
  • View workflow history on item.
  • Custom Responses Available.
  • Conditional workflow steps. See What are the different types of steps in a custom workflow? 
  • Return workflows to any previous step.
  • Add additional assignees to a workflow.
  • Compatible with modernised Invoicing and Contract views.
  • Manually restart workflow process.
  • Procore's Custom Solutions team builds your company's workflows.
  • Works with 'My Open Items'. 
  • Procore Customer Support is able to override workflow.
  • Admin users can act on behalf of others in a workflow.
  • Procore Support not able to override workflow state.
  • Admin users cannot act on behalf of others in a workflow.
  • Only one default workflow per tool on each project.
  • API not available to customers.
  • Workflow steps will not appear on PDF exports of items.
  • 'My Open Items' functionality is NOT available for workflows created for the Change Orders tool.
  • Workflows are not available on the Procore mobile application.
  • Not compatible with modernised Invoicing and Contract views.
  • Workflows cannot be created or edited by Procore users.
  • Not able to return to previous steps without assistance by Procore Support.

Supported Tools And Feature comparison

Self-Service Workflows
Legacy Workflows
Subcontractor Progress Claims (Commitments) icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Commitments (Subcontracts & Purchase Orders) icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Variations (Single-Tier) icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Potential Variations icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Correspondence/Custom Tools icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Direct Costs red-x-icon.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Head Contracts icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Head Contract Progress Claims red-x-icon.png icon_checkmark_h17.png


Self-Service Workflows
Legacy Workflows
Create & Edit Workflows icon_checkmark_h17.png red-x-icon.png
View item workflow history icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Conditional Workflow Steps icon_checkmark_h17.png red-x-icon.png
Workflow assignments appear in 'My Open Items'* icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Add additional assignees to a workflow step icon_checkmark_h17.png red-x-icon.png
Compatible with modernised Invoicing and Contract views icon_checkmark_h17.png red-x-icon.png
Restart Workflows icon_checkmark_h17.png red-x-icon.png
Reporting Available icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Custom Responses icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png

*Some tools do not support My Open Items.