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Release Notes for 2023-07-24

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Below are notable changes for the Procore web application for the week ending Friday, July 21, 2023.

Core Tools


Merge Connected Companies

It is now possible to merge connected companies that are added from the Procore Construction Network and companies created locally in your Company level Directory. See Merge Companies and How are duplicate companies handled between the Directory tool and Procore Construction Network?


No notable changes.

Project Management


Create Co-ordination Issues from a Model in the Web Viewer

You can now create an issue directly from the Issues side panel in the model viewer on Procore's web application without needing to navigate to the Co-ordination Issues tool. See Create a Co-ordination Issue in the Model Viewer. This allows you to quickly create issues in the context of the model. 

New Section Box Tool in the Web Viewer

A sectioning feature has been added to the model viewer in Procore's web application. See Use the Section Tool on a Model. The Section Box tool allows you to visualise and analyse the internal structure of a building (such as the placement of pipes, ducts, and electrical systems). This helps to identify potential clashes or conflicts between different systems before construction begins.

Object Search Enhancements

You can now search for a specific object name to automatically apply it as a filter to see all results for the object in the model. See View a Model. All objects beneath the filtered object are automatically included, but you can choose to hide or show objects as necessary.

Financial Management

ERP Integrations

Direct Export for Commitments, Commitment Variations and Subcontractor Progress Claims

Procore's ERP integrations now offer the ability to bypass the accounting approver step when exporting certain items to your ERP system. This feature, referred to as 'Direct Export', offers increased flexibility and can help you streamline approval processes. To learn more, see ERP Integrations: Direct Export Feature.

Workforce Management


Configurable Break Tracking

Procore has added new lunch break tracking options to Project level Timesheets, allowing more flexibility to align with internal processes and meet local regulations. Configure your project’s lunch break settings to not track breaks or to track total break time or start and stop times. Read the Announcement and tutorials to Create Timesheets on Web, iOS and Android.

App Marketplace

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