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Inactivate a Batch of User Accounts in the Company Directory


To deactivate a user from a Procore account so that they can no longer log in to a Procore account and access company-specific information.


You are NOT permitted to delete a user from your organisation's Procore company account. This is because users are frequently tied to historical information about a construction project and it is important to keep each user's information in your company's Procore database for accurate recordkeeping. You can, however, deactivate a user's profile so that the user can no longer log in to your organisation's Procore company account. 

Before you deactivate one or more user accounts in the Company Level Directory tool, you will first want to ensure that if if the user has been assigned to any items in Procore that require a pending action, you either close that item or reassign responsibility for completing the tasks associated with that item to another user. For best results, Procore recommends that you always perform those steps prior to deactivation of an account. 

Tip! If you are a user with 'Admin' level permission to the company's Reports tool, view the Assignment Report in View a Report. This allows you to view all of the 'Open' items currently assigned to a user. 

Some considerations to take into account prior to deactivating a user are outlined in the example below. 

If a user is associated with any open items on an active project, be sure to either close those items or reassign them to another user using the appropriate project tool in Procore. This should always be completed prior to deactivating a user in your organization's Company level Directory.
Some best-practice considerations include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Is the user an 'Employee' who requires a final timecard entry in the 'Timecard Entry' area of the Site Diary? See Create a Timecard Entry.
  • Is the user designated in the 'Assignment' field on a meeting item? See Edit a Meeting Item.
  • Is the user designated as 'Point of Contact' for a Responsible Contractor in an inspection? See Edit a Project Level Inspection.
  • Is the user designated as an 'Assignee' on an observation? See Edit an Observation.
  • Is the user designated in the 'Assigned To' field on a defect list item? See Edit a Defect List Item.
  • Is the user an 'RFI Manager' or 'Assignee' on an RFI? See Edit an RFI.
  • Is the user a 'Submittal Manager' or an 'Approver' on a submittal? See Edit a Submittal.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
  • Prerequisites:
    Before you inactivate a user account in the company's Directory tool, it is recommended that a user with 'Admin' level permission close and/or reassign any open items that might be assigned to the user throughout Procore.
  • Additional Information:
    Once inactive, the following is true:
    • The user will not be able to access your company's account when they log in.
    • The user's name is removed from the selectable options in User drop-down menus.
    • The user information remains in the Company level Directory and is archived in the Inactive Users view. A user with 'Admin' level permissions to the Directory can reactivate the user at any time. 
    • All user activity is stored in Procore and open items remain in the state they were in at the time of deactivation.
    • Users with 'Admin' level permission either on the Company or Project level Directory tool can reactivate user accounts. To learn more:


  1. Navigate to the Company level Directory tool.
  2. Click Users
  3. Mark the checkbox next to one or more users you want to inactivate.
  4. Click Bulk Actions and select Inactivate.
  5. In the 'Inactivate Users' window, review the list of users. Click the X next to a user's name to remove them from the list.
  6. Click Inactivate.
    A GREEN banner displays to confirm the users were inactivated.