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Switch Between the Portfolio Views


To switch between general views using the company's Portfolio tool. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • To access the following information, 'Read Only' level permission or higher the company's Portfolio tool
      • Projects. For a project to appear in this list, you must have 'Read Only' access or higher to at least one (1) project in at least one (1) Procore company account. 
      • My Open Items. For an item to appear in this list, at least one (1) item from a supported tool on a project (e.g., RFIs, Submittals and so on) must be assigned to you. See Why is the 'My Open Items' list not showing tasks that have been assigned to me?
    • To access the following information, 'Admin' level permission on the company's Portfolio tool:
      • Executive Dashboard
      • Financial Views
  • Additional Information:


  1. Navigate to the company's Portfolio tool.
    This reveals the Portfolio page. Across the top of the page, users with the appropriate permissions can click these links to switch between views.
    • An asterisk (*) indicates that the default dashboard permission settings for this link is 'Admin' level permission.
    • Your company can configure the dashboard permission settings to suit their preferences for your environment. See Set the Dashboard View Permissions.

  2. Click one of these links:

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