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Workforce Planning - Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Company level Workforce Planning tool.

Recent Changes 

Custom Fields on the Totals Page (04/04/2024)

You can now filter by custom fields on for people on the Totals Dashboard. This change gives you greater flexibility when viewing your assignments and requests on the Totals Dashboard. See Search and Filter the Totals Dashboard.

View Synced People and Projects (28/02/2024)

On the People and Project List, you can now add a column to see what people and projects are synced to Procore. The 'Linked to Project Directory' or 'Linked to Procore Project' are visible when configuring your column view for those pages. See View the People List and View the Projects List.

Shift Project Dates for a Future Project (01/02/2024)

Workforce Planning gives you the ability to edit future active or pending projects that are delayed or will begin sooner than planned. When using the Shift Project option, you can enter the new start date and any associated assignments and requests are shifted by the same duration and in the same direction in time. See Shift Project Dates for a Future Project.

Filter the Totals Dashboard by Job Title (30/11/2023)

The Job Title filter has been added to the totals page, allowing you to see totals by job title. See Search and Filter the Totals Dashboard.

View Time Off in the Totals Dashboard (28/11/2023)

You can now view Time Off in the Totals Dashboard in the 1-8 week views. See View the Totals Dashboard.

Project Role Dynamic Tokens for Default Assignment Alerts (09/26/2023)

Procore has added dynamic tokens for project roles in assignment alerts. Dynamic tokens are place holders that are filled with information from the project's details. When creating default assignment alerts, you can include information about the people with roles on the project including their name, role, email address and phone number. See Configure Default Assignment Alerts for Workforce Planning.

 Start and End Filters on Time Off List (09/12/2023)

Procore has added new start and end date filters to the Time Off List. See Search, Sort, and Filter the Time Off List.

Resource Bench Automatically Refreshes on Assignment Boards (09/06/2023)

When making an assignment Assignment Boards page, the resource bench now automatically refreshes when you click Save or Save and Alert. See Create a Workforce Assignment.

New Filters on the Time Off List (09/05/2023)

The Time Off List now only shows current or future time off for active users. You can use the new 'Past Time Off' filter to see time off that has already taken place, and the new Person Status filter to see time off for inactive users. See Search, Sort, and Filter the Time Off List.

Link to Company Directory When Viewing People in Workforce Planning (30/08/2023)

If data syncing is enabled between Procore Core tools and Workforce Planning, there is now a link between the person's profile in Workforce Planning and the Company directory. When you click the link in Workforce Planning, you will be taken to the person's profile in the Company level Directory. See View People Details in Workforce Planning.

View Time Off In Line with Assignments on the Gantt View (29/08/2023)

When viewing projects on the Assignments Gantt, you can see time off in line with assignments. When a user has multiple assignments on the Gantt Project view, time off will display across all the user's assignments. PDF exports, both portrait and landscape, now show time off when exporting from the Gantt Project view. See View the Assignments Gantt and Export the Assignments Gantt.

Project-specific Assignment Board and Gantt Views (25/08/2023)

You can now navigate to a project-specific Assignment Board or Gantt view when viewing the project details. See View the Assignments Boards and View the Assignments Gantt.

Sort Assignments List by Any Column (21/08/2023)

You can now sort the Assignments List by any column. See Sort and Filter the Workforce Assignments List.

New Employee Information on Look Ahead Report (08/08/2023)

State/Province information is now available in the Look Ahead Report, helping you better understand the location of your employees. See Export the Availability Look Ahead Report.

New Information on Assignments Gantt (25/07/2023) 

When viewing the Assignments Gantt page, you can now see project information, such as daily start and end times, project tags, and wage override information. Additionally, you can configure your Gantt page settings to display job titles and filter for job title as well. See View the Assignments Gantt and Search and Filter the Assignments Gantt.