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Below are notable changes to the project's Commitments tool in 2017.

Subcontractor Schedule Of Values (13/12/2017)

Updated commitment contracts to change the label for 'Billing Schedule of Values' to 'Subcontractor Schedule of Values'. 

Changed Display Of Negative Numbers To Parenthesis Instead Of Minus Sign (11/12/2017)

Implemented a change to the way negative numbers are displayed in the general Schedule Of Values (SOV) and subcontractor schedule of values (SSOV) tables. For both amount based and unit/quantity based contracts, any negative amounts in any field in the SOV and SSOV tables are now displayed in parenthesis instead of having a minus sign in front of the number.

Updated Commitment Totals Column in CSV and PDF Exports (28/11/2017)

Updated the Commitment Totals column for exports from the Commitments tool so the CSV and PDF file now displays the expected currency formatting. This update affects exports for the Change Event Index, Summary, RFQ or Recycle Bin pages.

Added Key Contract Dates (23/6/2017)    

Updated the Project level Commitments tool by adding the following new date fields: Approval Letter Date, Contract Date, Issued On, Executed On, Letter Of Intent Date and Returned Date. These new date fields can be individually turned on by 'Admin' permission users via the tool configure settings (orange cog icon by the tool name).

Added County, Warranty Date Range, Tender Type, Owner Type, Project Region And Parent Job To PDFs (13/6/2017)  

Added more information to the PDFs generated for commitments. The new fields include County, Warranty Date Range, Tender Type, Owner Type, Project Region and Parent Job.

Added & Enabled New "Allow Over Billing" To 'Commitment Progress Claim Settings' In Commitments Tool (1/6/2017)

Updated the 'Configure Settings' area of the Project level Commitments tool to add a new 'Allow Over Billing' on the 'Commitment Progress Claims Settings' page. This setting will be enabled by default (i.e., the checkbox will be marked). It can be disabled by removing the checkmark from the box. When disabled, the following alert messages will appear: 

  • On the Detail sheet (when a line item percent complete column exceeds 100%). 
  • On the Create Subcontract page (when a line item percent complete column exceeds 100%). 
  • On the Edit Subcontract page (when a line item percent complete column exceeds 100%). 
No Longer Able To Create RFQ On Terminated Or Voided Commitment Contracts (11/5/2017)

Removed ability to create an RFQ on Commitment contracts with the statuses of Terminated or Void.

Added ERP Sync Icons to the Title Column of the Committed-Summary Table (10/5/2017)

Added ERP sync banners to the Title column of the Commitments-Summary table and to the Contract view and edit pages to show the sync status of the item between Procore and the integrated ERP system. See What do the ERP icons mean?

Added Sub Job Column To Commitment Progress Claims: Subcontractor Experience (8/5/2017)

Updated the Commitments tool to add a sub jobs column to the commitment progress claim subcontractor experience's create and edit pages. Also updated the detail table to display the sub job in the line item description if the line item is associated with a sub job.

Added Tool Tips To Default Distribution Settings (4/5/2017)

Added tool tips to the Default Distribution settings on the Commitment Tool's Configure Settings page to provide end users with added clarity.

Updated Commitment Progress Claim Invitation Emails (3/5/2017)

Updated the Commitment Progress Claim invitation emails to give recipients the ability to update the billing statuses page for commitment progress claims in the Commitments tool as Accepted or Declined. To accept, the user clicks the Yes button in the email. To decline, the user clicks the No button. 

Updated Permission For Delete Commitment Progress Claims (26/4/2017)

Updated the Commitments tool permissions for Commitment Progress Claims so 'Standard' users and Billing Recipients can now delete commitment progress claims with the status of "Draft" or "Revise and Resubmit."

Updated Columns On Billing Status Page (25/4/2017)

Updated the Approved Variations and Total Contract Amount columns on the Billing Status page to reflect the commitment progress claim in the billing period. If a commitment progress claim does not exist within a certain the billing period, then it will display the values of from previous billing period where a commitment progress claim exists.

Added Confirmation Popup Window to Commitment Deletion (24/4/2017)

Updated the Commitments tool to add a delete confirmation window, which now pops up after a user clicks the Delete button (i.e., to delete a commitment). This requires the user to confirm the delete action. Prior to this fix, no confirmation window was in place. 

Added 'Submit for Review' button to the Commitment Progress Claim Detail Page (4/21/02017)

Added a 'Submit for Review' button on the Commitment Progress Claim Detail page in the Commitments tool. This button is only available if a commitment progress claim's status in the 'Draft' or 'Revise and Resubmit'. When a user clicks this button, the commitment progress claims status changes to 'Under Review' and the system also displays a banner to show the action was successful. 

Added a Commitment Progress Claim Distribution List on the Configure Settings Page (13/4/2017)

Added a new 'Commitment Progress Claim Distribution" list to the Configure Settings page in the Commitments tool. Users added to this list will receive an automated email notification from Procore when a commitment progress claim's status is changed to "Under Review". Billing Recipients will also receive a notification email when the status of a Commitment Progress Claim changes to 'Revise and Resubmit.'

Added Commitment Progress Claims To My Open Items On Company Portfolio & Project Home (12/4/2017)  

Now, commitment progress claims created in the Commitments tool (see Create a Commitment progress claim) appear in the 'My Open Items' table on the company's Portfolio tool and the project's Home page. See Is there a way to see all the open items assigned to me?

If Commitment Progress Claim Doesn't Exist in Billing Period, the % Complete Will Display the Previous Period's Values   (22/3/2017)

Updated the Billing Statuses page to display the the correct Percent Complete, Current Payment Due and Payment Status value if a commitment progress claim has not yet been created for the given billing period. The percent complete value of an empty billing period will reflect the value of a prior billing period that does have a commitment progress claim in it. 

Added Progress Spinners to the Create Pages for PayApps, Progress Claims and Commitment Progress Claims (22/3/2017)

Updated the progress spinners for the 'Create/Save' buttons on the create pages for Progress Claims, Progress Claims and Commitment Progress Claims.

Changed the Maximum Character Length for Commitment Titles (13/3/2017) 

Updated the ERP Integrations tool to change how the system determines the maximum character length for the 'Title' of a commitment.  See What is the maximum character length of a commitment's 'Title'? for more information. 

Updated Commitment Progress Claim And Subcontract Pages For Layout Consistency (1/3/2017)

Updated the Commitment Progress Claim show, subcontract create and subcontract edit information table to all use the same layout as the Commitment Progress Claim Admin pages. The Commitment Progress Claim Start and Commitment Progress Claim End dates will be side by side on the first row. The Billing Date will be the first cell in the second row.

Added An Empty State View For the Billings Page (1/3/2017)

Updated the Commitments tool to add the empty state to the Billings page. This informs the user there are 'No results found' if the filters display no results.

Added Error Messaging On Payments Subtab In Commitments Tool (14/2/2017)

Updated the Commitments tool to add a flash error message to the Payments subtab of the Head Contract, Subcontract and Purchase Order Contract. This message informs the user when the system will not save a new payment because a non-integer value was entered into the 'Payment #' and/or 'Check #' fields.

Updated Commitments To Move Period Date Columns To Commitment Progress Claims (13/2/2017)

Updated the Commitments tool to allow multiple Commitment Progress Claims in a 'Billing Period'.

Added Commitment Progress Claim Invite and Informational Banner to Subtabs (30/1/2017)

Updated the Commitments tool to add the Commitment Progress Claim Invite and Edit banner to every subtab (Summary, Detail, Related Items, Emails) of the most recent commitment progress claim. 

Updated the 'Create Commitment Progress Claim' Button Permissions (27/1/2017)

Updated Commitment Contracts so that now, the 'Create Commitment Progress Claim' button only displays for end users with 'Admin' or 'Standard' level permission to the tool and Billing Recipients. Button is disabled for all users when the contract is not in the 'Approved' status. In addition, the button is disabled for users with 'Admin' level permissions when all billing periods have a commitment progress claim tied to it. For 'Standard' level permissions and 'Billing Recipients', the button is also disabled when:

  • The contract contains no Billing Periods with a status of Open.
  • If a commitment progress claim already exists for the 'Open' Billing Period.
  • The current date is past the 'Billing Date'.
(Beta) Custom Permissions Now Available For Commitments Tool (26/1/2017)

Participants in the Custom Permissions Beta Program can now grant custom task permissions when assigning the 'Standard' and 'Read-only' level permission for Commitments in a permission template. These custom permissions are currently only available to Beta Program Participants: Create purchase order, create subcontract, update purchase order and update subcontract. See Beta: Custom Permissions and Grant Custom Permissions In a Permission Template

'Project Office Division' Now Included In PDF Export When Enabled (25/1/2017)

Updated the Commitments tool to now include the 'Project Office Division' in the PDF export file for Progress Claims and Commitment Progress Claims (if a value is provided). If the 'Project Office Division' is blank, the 'Office Name' will display. Note: The 'Project Office Division' value can only be added by your Procore point of contact.

Renamed 'Billing Statuses' Subtab to 'Billings' (25/1/2017)

Updated the Commitments tool to rename the subtab from 'Billing Status' to 'Billings'. Also updated the es (Spanish) dictionary to match.

Updated Fields And Behaviour For Commitment Progress Claims And Billing Statuses (25/1/2017)

Updated the Commitments tool so that commitment progress claims now have two (2) separate billing dates a follows:

  • Added a 'Billing Date' field to commitment progress claims, which is the date a commitment progress claim was filled. The date has no relation to the invite banner or commitment progress claim creation.
  • Renamed the 'Billing Date' field on the Billing Statuses subtab to 'Due Date'. This date is set when an 'Admin' creates a new Billing Period and represents the cut off date for commitment progress claim creation. It is also used to pre-fill the 'Billing Date' field on all commitment progress claims.

Updated commitment progress claims for users with 'Admin' level permission now, as follows:

  • You can now always change the 'Billing Date' on the most recent commitment progress claim.
  • When you click 'Update', the system now redirects you to the commitment progress claim's view page (instead of the commitment progress claim's detail page).
Commitments Tool Now Redirects User Back To The Page Where A New Billing Period Was Created (24/1/2017)

Updated the Billing Statuses subtab in the Commitments tool so that after a user adds a new billing period, the system now directs the user back to the page from which they created the billing period (i.e., commitment progress claims or billing periods). Prior to this update, they system always directed the user to the commitment progress claim's view page, even if the period was created on the billing periods page. 

Productivity Register Hidden When Commitments Tool Not An Active Tab On Project (8/1/2016)

When the Commitments tool is not an active tab on a project, the system now hides the Productivity Register. 

New 'Level of Detail to Display Variations' Setting for Commitment Progress Claims (4/1/2017)

Updated the Commitments tool to add a new 'Level of Detail to Display Variations' setting under the 'Commitment Progress Claim Settings' area of the 'Advanced Settings' subtab on a commitment controls. The Commitment Progress Claims tool must be turned ON to view this setting. This gives users the ability select the level of detail they'd like their Commitment Progress Claim Detail Sheet to initially display.

Updated The Display Of 'Contract Companies' On The Billing Status Page (4/1/2017)

Updated the Commitments tool so that the 'Billing Statuses' page will only display 'Contract Companies' when the Commitment Progress Claims tool is enabled.