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About Subcontractor Progress Claims


To provide Procore users with information about subcontractor progress claims in Procore. 


The Progress Claim Management solution features the Project level Invoicing tool. This tool handles two types of progress claims: subcontractor progress claims and owner progress claims. Subcontractor progress claims originate in the project's Commitments tool. Before you can create a progress claim, your project team must create a commitment for the project, establish a billing period, and decide who will have permission to submit a progress claim.

A Subcontractor Progress Claim is a request for payment submitted by a business or individual who has entered into a binding agreement with another contracting party. In Procore, a subcontractor progress claim is an equivalent term for a payable progress claim.


Workflow Details

Create Your Subcontractor Progress Claims in Procore

The steps for creating subcontractor progress claims in Procore include:

Step Description Learn More
Decide who will have permission to submit a progress claim You have these choices:

1. Grant progress claim submission rights to downstream collaborators. In Procore, these users are called progress claim contacts

2. Gather paper or digital progress claims from collaborators and grant progress claim submission rights to your team. In Procore, these users are your progress claim administrators

Optional. Decide if you want to collect signatures with DocuSign® There are two (2) ways to collect signatures on commitments and progress claims: DocuSign®
Configure the Progress Claim Management tools Configure the invoicing settings in the Commitments and Invoicing tools. See Configure Settings: Commitments and Configure Settings: Invoicing. Commitments and Invoicing
Establish a billing period Create a billing period and place it in the Open status. A billing period defines the start, end, and due date for submitting a progress claim. Manage Billing Periods
Create a commitment Subcontractor progress claims originate from commitments. You can create multiple commitments for your collaborators in a Procore project. A commitment must be in the 'Approved' status before you can create a progress claim.  Create a Commitment
Optional: Grant progress claim submission rights to downstream collaborators Optional: An progress claim administrator can grant progress claim submission rights to downstream collaborators.   Add Progress Claim Contacts to a Purchase Order or Subcontract
Configure the 'Advanced Settings' tab on the commitment  For best results, configure the advanced settings before you add line items to the SOV and before you create progress claims for the commitment.  Edit the Advanced Settings Tab on a Commitment
Create progress claims and submit them before the Open billing period's 'Due Date' Learn the options for creating progress claims with the Commitments tool. Only progress claim administrators or progress claim contacts on a commitment can create subcontractor progress claims.  Create a Subcontractor Progress Claim
Review submitted progress claims Once submitted, an progress claim administrator can review each line item on the progress claim's Schedule of Values to approve or reject it.  Review a Subcontractor Progress Claim as an Admin
Revise and resubmit progress claims If an progress claim administrator rejects one (1) or more progress claim line items, users can make fixes and corrections until all the line items on the progress claim's Schedule of Values are Approved Revise & Resubmit a Progress Claim as a Progress Claim Contact
Optional. Complete the signature process in DocuSign® Once Approved, you can optionally complete the signature process in DocuSign®. Complete Subcontractor Progress Claims with DocuSign®
Optional: Sync progress claims with an integrated ERP system You'll need to determine if your ERP connector supports subcontractor progress claims. ERP Integrations