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About Subcontractor Progress Claims (Legacy)

 Legacy Content

This page details the legacy subcontractor progress claim experience. A modernised experience is also available. 


To provide Procore users with information about subcontractor progress claims in Procore. 


In Procore, a subcontractor progress claim originates in the Project Commitments tool. Before you can create a progress claim, your project team must create a commitment for the project, establish a billing period and decide which internal users and/or external collaborators will be granted permission to submit new progress claims.

A Subcontractor Progress Claim is a request for payment submitted by a business or individual who has entered into a binding agreement with another contracting party. In Procore, a subcontractor progress claim is an equivalent term for a payable progress claim.


Workflow Details

  1. Configure the advanced workflow in the Commitments tool to set up monthly billing periods and billing dates. You can also enable reminder emails for progress claim invitations. See Configure Advanced Settings: Commitments
  2. Create a billing distribution for progress claims for each commitment so you can select who you want to receive progress claim invitations. See Create Progress Claim Contacts.
  3. Create a billing period to send progress claims out for. See Start a New Billing Period.
  4. Send Progress Claim invitations to the billing distribution. See Send Subcontractor Progress Claim Invitations.
  5. Subcontractors who were invited to create progress claims can do so by clicking the link in their invitation email. To edit their progress claim or create on their behalf, see Create a Progress Claim on Behalf of a Subcontractor.

Note: For users with the Procore + QuickBooks® Desktop integration, you can also export subcontractor progress claims. See Export Subcontractor Progress Claims from Procore to QuickBooks® Desktop.