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Below are the notable changes to the project's Co-ordination Issues tool in 2021.


Search For and Filter Co-ordination Issues in the Model Web Viewer (20/09/2021)

Procore has added the ability for users to search for and filter co-ordination issues in the side panel of the Models tool web viewer. This release allows for more efficient design reviews and ensures that project users have easy access to co-ordination issues while viewing a model in Procore's web application. See Search for and Filter Co-ordination Issues in the Model Viewer.

Enhanced PDF Reports for Co-ordination Issues (29/07/2021)

Users can now export PDF reports that include Activity Feed comments, linked items (such as RFIs, Drawings, Observations), recently added fields (Priority, Trade and Type) and a cover sheet showing the filters used to generate the report. These enhancements give users a more complete and neatly packaged report of the current state of co-ordination to share with any project stakeholder. See Export a List of Co-ordination Issues.

web viewer now respects redlines from Navisworks® (29/06/2021)

The web viewer for the Co-ordination Issues tool in Procore now respects redlines from Navisworks®. See View Co-ordination Issues.

New Procore Default Fields for Co-ordination Issues (22/04/2021)

Procore has added 3 new fields to the Co-ordination Issues tool (Priority, Type and Trade) that can be used for entering additional information The 'Priority' and 'Type' fields have a fixed set of values, while the 'Trade' field includes any trades currently listed in your organisation's Company Settings. See Add a Custom Trade.

The new fields are automatically enabled for the Procore Default fieldset, meaning they will appear on any projects that are not currently using a custom fieldset. If you want to adjust the fields, you can create a new configurable fieldset to apply to projects. See Create New Configurable Fieldsets.
Note: The new fields are not automatically enabled for fieldsets that were previously created. See Edit Configurable Fieldsets if you want to add the new fields to existing fieldsets. 

View Co-ordination Issues in the Web Viewer of the Models Tool (19/04/2021)

The Models tool viewer in the Procore web application has been updated to allow you to view co-ordination issues associated with a model. This provides an easier and more efficient way for all users to view co-ordination issues. See View Co-ordination Issues.

Ability to Attach PDFs to New Co-ordination Issues from Web (12/03/2021)

When creating a new co-ordination issue in the Procore web application, you can now add PDF files to the Attachments field. See Create a Co-ordination Issue. This is useful if you want to include visual references for the co-ordination issue. After adding images or PDFs as attachments, they can be previewed in the viewer for the co-ordination issue.

Create Configurable Fieldsets for the Co-ordination Issues Tool (19/01/2021)

Company Admins can now create new configurable fieldsets for the Co-ordination Issues tool in order to designate which fields are required, optional or hidden within projects. See Create New Configurable Fieldsets.

With the ability to customise fields, you can ensure important information related to co-ordination issues is entered and later create custom reports off this customised data. See Which fields in the Co-ordination Issues tool can be configured as required, optional or hidden?