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Below are notable changes to the project's Site Diary tool in 2017.

Updated Function of 'Copy Site Diary' Button (12/12/2017)

On the Site Diary tool, changed the Copy Site Diaries action so it now only copy 'Approved' logs. Previously, the action copied both 'Pending' and 'Approved' logs. See Copy a Site Diary

Added a New 'Created By' Filter to the Site Diary (5/12/2017)

Updated the Site Diary tool to add a new 'Created By' filter. To learn more, see Site Diary: Added "Created By" Filter.

Updated Date Selector In Site Diary (27/11/2017)

Updated an issue with date selector in the Site Diary tool for the Australian locale. Dates are now currently displayed using the MM/DD/YY format. 

Added Cost Code Field To Working Hours Register (19/9/2017)

Added "Show the Cost Code field on the Working Hours Register" option to the Configuration Settings of the Site Diary tool.

Updated Search Function For Company/Contact Dropdown (25/7/2017)

Updated the Site Diary tool to use a searchable option for contacts/companies in the Working hours, Daily Construction Report, Skip, Waste and Timecard Entry logs.

Updated The Site Diary To Show Working Hours Graph By Default (20/7/2017)

Updated the Site Diary tool to remove the ability to toggle on and off the working hours graph from the sidebar. The working hours graph now shows by default when a user clicks the 'Working Hours Report'.

Changed "+Add" Button To "Save" In The Site Diary (21/6/2017)

Updated the Site Diary tool to change the "+ Add" button on all the diaries to "Save" to make it clear that this button is required to save completed diaries.

Added Line Breaks On Site Diary PDFs (14/6/2017)

Added line breaks on Site Diary PDFs to better reflect when a user adds a line break in a description section of a diary entry.

Added Colour To Clarify Location Field Is Editable In The Site Diary (13/6/2017)

On the Site Diary, the Location field now has a blue caret like other inline editable fields in Procore to make it clear that it's editable.

Added The Ability For Line Breaks In Site Diary Text Fields (8/6/2017)  

Updated the Project level Site Diary tool to allow line breaks in the text fields on the diaries.

Photos From Site Diary Tool Pull Into The Photos Tool (7/6/2017)

Updated the Photos and Site Diary tools to add the ability to pull over photos from the Site Diary into the Photos tool. See Add a Photo to a Site Diary Entry so that it Populates in the Photos Tool.

Added A New Comments Field To The Weather Register (5/6/2017)

Updated the Site Diary tool to add a new comments field to the Weather Register.

Added "None" Option In Working Hours Contact Drop-down (5/6/2017)

Updated the Site Diary tool to add a "None" option to the company/contact drop-down in the Working Hours Register.

Added PDF Attachment Viewer To The Site Diary Tool (22/5/2017)

Updated the Site Diary tool to update the PDF Attachment Viewer. This tool's viewer now works exactly like the Documents tool viewer and is available on all diaries in the Site Diary. 

Fixed Site Diary PDF Layout And Added Day Of The Week (10/5/2017)

Updated the Site Diary tool to add the day of the week to the Site Diary PDF to match the list page, as well as fix an issue with landscape photos being cut off in the margins of the PDF. 

Added Day Of The Week To Site Diary Header (14/3/2017)

Updated the Site Diary tool to add the day of the week to the header and spell out the date instead of in the dd/mm/yyyy format.

Changed the Behaviour of 'Creator' After Copying A Site Diary (7/3/2017)

Updated the Site Diary tool so that now when a user copies a Site Diary, the 'Creator' of the new diary matches the name of the logged in user. Previously, the system maintained the 'Creator' named on the original diary.

Increased Site Diary Load Speed (31/1/2017)

Increased the load speed for the Site Diary tool by removing the sticky headers from a number of Site Diaries. Sticky headers remain in place for these diaries: Working Hours, Notes, Time, Daily Construction Report and Equipment.

Added 'Date' Field To Daily Construction Report (11/1/2017)

Added a 'Date' field to the Daily Construction Report.

Updated Weather Snapshot Icons For Past Dates (6/1/2017)

Updated the Site Diary tool so that the weather snapshot icon for past dates is displayed as expected on a project.

Updated 'Issued To' Field In Site Diary's PDF Export File (4/1/2017)

Updated the Site Diary tool to address an issue where the 'Company Name' was cut off in the 'Issued To' field when the Site Diary was exported to PDF.