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Delete Head Contract Progress Claim (Beta)

 In Beta 

The content on this page details the modernised experience for owner progress claims. It is available to Project Financials users who are participating in the Beta program.


To delete an owner progress claim from the Head Contracts tool. 


You can delete a progress claim only when it's in the Draft, Under Review, or Revise and Resubmit status. You cannot delete a progress claim when it's in the Approved status. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the Head Contracts tool. 
  • Additional Information:


  1. Navigate to the project's Head Contracts tool. 
  2. Locate the contract with the progress claim to delete. Click the Number link to open the contract. 
  3. In the contract, click the Progress Claims tab. 
  4. In the Progress Claims (Payment Applications) table, locate the progress claim to delete.
    Did you know you can also navigate to owner progress claims using the Invoicing tool? To learn how, see Delete Owner Progress Claims
  5. Click the Progress Claim # link to open the progress claim. 
  6. In the progress claim, click the invoice-overflow-icon.png Overflow icon and choose the Delete option. 

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