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Project Timesheets - Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Project level Timesheets tool. 

Recent Changes

Timesheet Summary (14/05/2024)

When creating or editing a timesheet, users can now see a summary of the time entered for the timesheet, as well as daily and weekly hours for the employee across all projects. This gives teams on-site visibility into total hours logged for employees, mitigating downstream impacts during the review and approval process. See About Project Timesheets and Create a Timesheet.

Configurable Break Tracking (07/19/2023)

Procore has added new lunch break tracking options to Project level Timesheets, allowing more flexibility to align with internal processes and meet local regulations. Configure your project’s lunch break settings to not track breaks or to track total break time or start and stop times. Read the Announcement and tutorials to Create Timesheets on Web, iOS and Android.