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Resend a Rejected Budget to ERP Integrations for Accounting Acceptance


To resend a previously rejected budget to the ERP Integrations tool for acceptance for export to an integrated ERP system by an accounting approver.


If you previously sent a budget to the ERP Integrations tool and it was rejected by your company's designated accounting approver, the accountant will typically include a reason when performing the rejection. The rejected budget is then removed from the ERP Integrations tool and is also unlocked in the project's Budget tool so the issue can be corrected. After correcting the budget issue(s), use the steps below to re-send the budget to the ERP Integrations tool for acceptance by the accounting approver. After acceptance, the system will export the budget to the integrated ERP system. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permission on the Budget tool. 
  • Prerequisites:
  • Additional Information:
    • An accounting approver may reject a budget for multiple reasons, so you may need to correct more than one issue in the project's Budget tool. If the rejection reason provided in the rejection notice is not sufficient, contact your company's accounting approver for assistance. 
    • A rejected budget does not always have to be re-sent to ERP. 
    • After the corrected budget is re-sent, the designated accounting approver immediately receives an automated email notification from Procore to expedite the approval process. This is in addition to the 'ERP Integrations Daily Summary' that is sent to the accounting approver once per day. The notification is sent once per day until a response (i.e., 'Accept' or 'Reject') is submitted. 


  1. Locate the rejected budget as follows:
    • Navigate to the project's Budget tool and click Edit to open the rejected item. 
    • Click the hyperlink in the automated email notification for the rejected budget. This opens the rejected item in edit mode. 
  2. Correct the issues as noted by the accounting approver (Note: To learn about the tasks you can perform, see Budget). 
  3. When you are ready to resubmit the corrected budget to the ERP Integrations tool, click Re-send to ERP

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