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Does a progress claim contact need an 'Invite to Bill' to submit a progress claim?


No. A progress claim contact has several options for creating a progress claim. 

There are two ways to respond to an 'Invite to Bill' as a progress claim contact: (1) from the 'Invite to Bill' email or (2) from the upstream collaborator's Project level Commitments tool. Use the second option when you know you have progress claim contact permissions but the 'Invite to Bill' is missing or lost.

When responding to an invite, you can accept or decline it as follows:

  • To respond to an 'Invite to Bill' email: Show/Hide      
      1. Open your email Inbox. 
      2. Look for the email message with the subject line, " "Project Name: User Name has invited you to bill." 
      3. Open the invite to bill. 
      4. Review the Progress Claim Details:
        • Billing Period. The date range for the Open billing period. 
        • Invited By. The name of the sender. Typically, this is the progress claim administrator. 
        • Due Date. The date your progress claim is due. Progress Claim contacts cannot create or submit a progress claim in the Procore project after this date.  
      5. Respond to the Do you want to bill this period? prompt:
        • Click Yes to accept the invite to bill and change the progress claim's status to Accepted. Next, continue with the steps in Submit a New Progress Claim as a Progress Claim Contact.
        • Click No if you don't want to submit a progress claim for the Open billing period. The progress claim's status changes to Declined.  
  • To respond to an 'Invite to Bill' in the Commitments tool: Show/Hide      
    1. Navigate to the project's Commitments tool. 
    2. Locate the commitment to which you were added as a progress claim contact. 
    3. Under Do you Want to Bill this Period?, indicate your intent to submit a progress claim by clicking the Yes button. 
    4. Click the Post Response button. 

Can't find your 'Invite to Bill' or uncertain if one was sent?  A progress claim contact always has sufficient permissions to create a new progress claim for an open billing period in the upstream collaborator's Procore project. See Create a New Progress Claim as a Progress Claim Contact.

How is the progress claim contact role assigned to users? 

To add a progress claim contact, an authorised user for the company managing the commitment in the Procore project must:

  1. Add the subcontracting company to the Company Directory. The subcontracting company corresponds to the 'Contract Company' on a commitment. See Add a Company to the Company Directory. The user who will be the progress claim contact must be added to the company. See Add Users to the Company.
  2. Grant the progress claim contact's user account 'Read Only' level permissions on the Project level Commitments tool. Procore recommends managing progress claim contact permissions with a project permissions template. See Manage Project Permissions Templates.
  3. Add the 'Contract Company' and 'Invoice Contact' to the commitment. See Add Progress Claim Contacts to a Purchase Order or Subcontract
  4. Optional. Configure optional email notifications for the progress claim contact: 

When does Procore send an 'Invite to Bill'? 

When an progress claim administrator for the Procore company account creates a new billing period, that user has the option to send out an automated billing invite to anyone who is either (1) named on the 'Private' list for the progress claim or (2) a member of the Commitment tool's default 'Invoice Contact' list. See Add Progress Claim Contacts to a Purchase Order or Subcontract.

What if my 'Invite to Bill' is lost or missing?