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What is an progress claim contact?


An Progress Claim Contact is a person who ensures that a progress claim is submitted to an upstream contractor for payment. In Procore, a progress claim contact is always an employee of the designated 'Contract Company' on a purchase order or subcontract. The contract company is the party responsible for performing work and/or supplying materials for a project. For customers in the United States using Procore's Progress Billings tool, this term is synonymous with progress billing contact.

Common Questions

How do I add a progress claim contact to Procore? 

To add a progress claim contact, your company's Procore Administrator must first complete these steps:

Next, a user with the required user permissions to Create a Commitment can add the company as the 'Contract Company' and also select the user as the 'Invoice Contact.' For instructions, see these links: 

Tool Name Instructions
Commitments Add Progress Claim Contacts to a Purchase Order or Subcontract (Legacy)
Invoicing  Add Progress Claim Contacts to a Purchase Order or Subcontract

Do progress claim contacts need to be granted special access permissions to Procore?

No. When designated as a progress claim contact on a commitment, Procore automatically adds the contact to the 'Private' list for that commitment. A progress claim contact can then view the commitment and its progress claims in Procore.

On a subcontractor progress claim, the contact's name appears in the 'Invoice' section of the 'Advanced Settings' tab in the 'Invoice Contacts' area.

What can progress claim contacts add or update in Procore?

It depends on the Procore company account you are using and the permissions your Procore user account has been granted. Most Procore clients do not allow progress claim contacts to add or update data in Procore. 

Progress Claim contacts can... To learn more...
Respond Yes or No in response to an 'Invite to Bill' email sent by a progress claim administrator 
Submit a new progress claim in response to an 'Invite to Bill' 
Update a Subcontractor SOV in one of Procore's Progress Claim Management tools

Do progress claim contacts receive emails from Procore?

Yes.  Procore sends email notifications to progress claim contacts when these actions occur:

Actions Details & Learn More Next Step
When a commitment with a designated progress claim contact is created. The email is sent when the upstream collaborator clicks 'Create & Email' or 'Save & Email' on the General tab of the commitment. See Send an 'Invite to Bill' to a Progress Claim Contact from the Invoicing Tool.
When the Subcontractor Schedule of Values is 'Rejected.' See What is a Subcontractor Schedule of Values? An email is sent when the upstream collaborator changes the status of a Subcontractor Schedule of Values to 'Revise & Resubmit.' See Review a Subcontractor Progress Claim as an Admin.
If the upstream collaborator configured the Send Expiration Notification setting for insurance in the Company level Directory tool.  An email is sent when the insurance is within two (2) weeks of its expiration date. See Add Insurance to a Company Record in the Company Directory.
If the upstream collaborator configured the Notify Subcontractors when Progress Claims are Approved setting in the Project level Invoicing tool.  An email is sent when the upstream collaborator changes the progress claim status to 'Approved.' See Configure Settings: Invoicing and Bulk Edit the Status of Subcontractor Progress Claims. -