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Company Admin Tool - Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Company level Admin tool. 

Recent Changes

Settings for Connection Manager Tool (21/02/2024)

The Connection Manager is a new tool that will allow you to connect your project to another company's project in Procore. Initially, you can set your connection settings and distribution list. See Configure Project Connection SettingsConfigure Advanced Settings: Connection Manager, and What should I know about connecting projects in Procore?


Procore has updated Custom Fields making them easier to find and manage. Load times for custom fields have improved and small changes have been added to make managing custom fields faster and more intuitive. Additionally, when using multi or single select field types, you can easily search and manage the available options. See Create New Custom Fields and Edit Custom Fields.

Update Your Settings to REceive Tender Invitations Through the Procore Construction Network (04/12/2023)

Paying Procore Accounts can now receive tender invitations through the Procore Construction Network. To update your company’s settings to receive tender invitations, see How can my company receive tender invitations through the Procore Construction Network?

Updated Estimating Settings (14/11/2023)

Cost codes and cost types can now be configured at company level with the same settings that are available when sending an estimate to the budget in the project's Estimating tool. These settings are applied by default to all projects to provide more consistency. You can still override budget codes as needed in the project's Estimating tab. See Configure Default Estimating Settings.

Make Bulk Edits to Items in Action Plan Templates (28/08/2023)

When creating or editing an action plan template, you can make bulk changes to items within your plan. Mark the checkboxes for the items you want edit, then choose how you want to update the item. Read the Announcement to learn more and see Create and Edit a Project Level Action Plan Template and Create a Company Level Action Plan Template.

New Setting for Disabling Overdue Item Email Notifications During Weekends (06/04/2023)

In order to help reduce email interruptions during non-working days, Procore has added a new setting that allows Company Admins to prevent overdue email notifications from being sent to users during the weekend. See Can I prevent emails from being sent on the weekend? and Configure Your Company Settings.

Create Custom Fields for Site Diary equipment Register (06/03/2023)

Procore has added the ability to create custom fields in the Company level Admin tool for the Equipment Register in a project's Site Diary tool. These custom fields function like other fields in Procore and can be included in reports in the Company and Project level Reports tools. See Create New Custom Fields.

Custom Field Types and Sections for Inspections (08/02/2023)

When creating new Custom Fields for Inspections, you can use new field types such as Project Users, Company, Location and Date and Time. Additionally, Procore has added the ability to organise Custom Fields on Inspections. Users can create Sections in their Configurable Fieldsets and add Custom Fields to those sections. Custom Fields show within the designated section on the Inspections for projects using that Fieldset. See Create New Custom Fields and What are custom sections and which Procore tools support them?

Orange Lock Icon Added to 'Super Private' Correspondence Types (24/01/2023)

Procore has added a new orange lock icon to 'Super Private' correspondence types in the list of correspondence types in the Company level Admin tool.