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Add a New Company to the Directory from the Tendering Tool

The content below describes functionality that is part of the new Tender Management Enhanced Experience. See About Tender Management Enhanced Experience.


To add companies and contacts to the Company level Directory in order to invite them to tender.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
  • Additional Information:
    • Adding a company and contact through this process will only add them to the Company level Directory, not the Project level Directory.
    • Adding a contact through this process will not automatically send an invitation to tender email. The email will be sent when the invitation to tender email is sent. See Add Tenderers to a Tender Form and Invite Tenderers.



  1. Navigate to the project's Tendering tool.
  2. Open the tender package.
  3. Across from the tender form that you want to add a contact to, click the plus icon-plus-2.png icon and select Directory
    Tip!  You can access the same option by clicking Add Tenderers on the 'Bidders' tab of a tender form. See Add Tenderers to a Tender Form.
  4. At the top of the page, click Add Company.
  5. In the side panel, enter any necessary information.
    Note: Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*).
    • General Information
      • Company Name*Enter the full legal business name for the company.
      • Phone Number: Enter the company's primary telephone number.
      • Fax Number: Enter the company's primary facsimile number.
      • Office Address: Enter the business address (e.g. number and street name) for the company.
      • City: Enter the full city name (e.g. Santa Barbara) for the company's address
        Note: Always spell out the full city name and do NOT enter abbreviations. 
      • Country: Select the country name associated with the company's address from the drop-down list. 
      • State: Select the state associated with the company's address from the drop-down list. 
      • postcode: Enter the postcode associated with the company's address.
    • Add Contact
      • First Name: Enter the contact's first name.
      • Last Name: Enter the contact's last name.
      • Email Address: Enter the new user's email address. This will be the email that the contact uses to log in to Procore.
      • Permission Templates: Select a permission template from the drop-down menu or click Apply Permission Template Later. To learn about permission templates, see Manage Project Permissions Templates.
    • Tendering Information
      • Trades: Select one or more trades from the drop-down menu. If you need to add a new trade, see Add a Custom Trade.
      • Cost Codes: Select the cost codes that apply to this company. 
    • Business Certifications:
      • Click the toggle ON for any certifications that apply to the company
  6. When you are ready to add the company to your Directory, click Save.
    Note: The company will also be added to the 'Selected Companies' list.