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Allow Collaborators to Submit Site-initiated Variations


To provide an external collaborator with access permission to submit a potential variation for a commitment


collaborator is a person or company who has agreed to perform work for you or your company, such as an external contractor or vendor. If you want your collaborators to have the ability to submit potential variations for their commitments in Procore, you can complete the steps below. 

Things to Consider


Set the 'Contract Configuration' Settings on the Commitments Tool

  1. Navigate to the project's Commitments tool. 
  2. Click Configure Settings.
  3. Place a mark in these checkboxes:

    • Enable Site-initiated Variations
      This setting allows users to create variations from a commitment without granting them access to the Change Events tool.  
    • Allow Standard Level Users to Create CVs
      This setting provides users who have been assigned 'Standard' level permissions on the tool with the added privilege of creating potential variations when the number of Commitment Variation tiers is greater than one.

      NOTE: The setting to 'Allow Standard Level Users to Create PVs' is only available for two and three-tier variations.
  4. Add a user account for the collaborator to the project's Directory tool.
    First, create a Procore user account for the collaborator(s) that will be submitting site-initiated variations. You must add this user to the Project Directory. See Add a User Account to the Project Directory or Bulk Add Users and Companies to a Project Directory.
    • If you already created a project permission template for your collaborators, you can assign it to the collaborator when adding the user account. 
    • If you do NOT want to create a project permission template, you can edit the user's record and choose 'Do Not Assign a Template' from the 'Project Permissions Templates'  section and then manually set the permissions detailed above. 
  5. Invite the Collaborator to the Procore project.
    In the Project Directory tool, you can then invite (or reinvite) the collaborator(s) to join the project. See Invite or Reinvite a User to Join a Procore Project.
  6. Add the user to the 'Private' list on the appropriate commitment contract. 
    Add the collaborator's name to the 'Select a Person' list in the 'Private' area of the contract as described in Create a Subcontract. This ensures that the collaborator only has permission to view their own contract.

After the collaborator joins the project and the contract is 'Approved', your collaborator can create variations against the contract and Procore will use the data entered to automatically create a change event.