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Below are the notable changes to the project's Drawings tool in 2020.

Optimised Drawing Viewer on Web (18/12/2020)

The viewer in the Drawings tool on the Procore web application has been updated to be faster and more accessible. The updated viewer only needs to load the drawing itself, as opposed to the entire page, which allows you to navigate through project drawings significantly faster. This release also included minor visual adjustments and accessibility improvements, such as the highlight colour in the sidebar being changed from orange to blue and added support for the TAB key on a keyboard to be used to switch between toolbar options. See View Drawings

Create New Co-ordination Issues on Drawing Markups (10/11/2020)

As an expansion to the previous release that allowed existing co-ordination issues to be linked to all drawing markup types, you can now create new co-ordination issues on drawing markups. See Create or Link Co-ordination Issues on a Drawing. The co-ordination issue creation experience has been moved to a right side panel, preserving a complete view of the underlying drawing. After creating a new co-ordination issue on a drawing markup, publish the markup to ensure collaborators can view the associated co-ordination issue on the drawing. The co-ordination issue will include a snapshot of the marked-up drawing area and a hyperlink to the drawing will automatically be added to the co-ordination issue for easy reference. 

Added Support for Touch-Screen Devices Using Procore Web (20/10/2020)

Procore has added support for touch-screen devices (such as Microsoft Surface computers and digital plan tables) using the Drawings tool in the Procore web application. This means you can now add markups, link items and pan/zoom on drawings using touch-gestures from all supported browsers. See View Drawings.

Formatting Update for Long Numbers in the Drawing No. Column (20/10/2020)

Long drawing numbers will now wrap to a new line if the number is too long for the Drawing No. column. This improves visibility for drawing registers using long numbers. See View Drawings.

Link Co-ordination Issues on Drawings Using Other Markup Types (14/09/2020)

Procore has updated the Drawings tool to allow you to link existing co-ordination issues from the Co-ordination Issues tool to other markup types on a drawing, as opposed to only being able to add pins on a drawing to link to co-ordination issues. See Create or Link Co-ordination Issues on a Drawing.

Being able to choose from more commonly used markup types (such as clouds, arrows and boxes) for linking existing co-ordination issues helps ensure the nature of an issue is clear and leads to a more seamless design review process in Procore. See Link Items on a Drawing

Filter Drawings by Custom Fields (28/08/2020)

The Drawings tool has been updated to include custom fields as a filtering option for the drawings register. If your project uses one or more custom fields for a project's Drawings tool, these fields will now appear as options to select in the 'Add Filter' drop-down menu. See Search for and Filter Drawings.

Updated Markup Toolbar for the Drawings Tool (15/07/2020)

The markup toolbar in the Drawings tool on the Procore web application has been updated to include a new 'Pins' drawer. See Mark Up a Drawing. The Pins drawer is where you can choose to add pin markups for linking photos, defect items, co-ordination issues and observations in the project. These tools were already organised under a Pin icon on the Procore mobile application and this release ensures a consistent experience for adding pin markups to a drawing. 

As a result of the pin options being moved into a Pins drawer, the toolbar is not as long and the markup tool icons are now slightly larger. This allows for easier use of the markup toolbar, regardless of the size of the browser window. 

Create Configurable Fieldsets and Custom Fields for the Drawings Tool (04/06/2020)

Company Admins can now create new configurable fieldsets for the Drawings tool in order to designate which fields are required, optional or hidden within projects. After a fieldset is created, new custom fields can also be created and applied to the Drawings tool for one or more projects. 

With the ability to customise fields, you can ensure important information related to drawings is entered and later create custom reports off this custom data. Configurations for fieldsets and custom fields are reflected in projects on Procore's web and mobile applications, so your configurations and custom fields are always presented. See Which fields in the Drawings tool can be configured as required, optional or hidden?
Note: This release is part of a larger initiative to modernise the Drawings tool and introduce additional features. Minor changes were made for editing drawings, however larger improvements will be coming soon. See Edit Drawings.

Searches and Filters are Now Respected in Drawing Register Exports (28/05/2020)

Exports of the Drawings register now respect applied searches and filters. This allows users to export a list of relevant drawings, instead of only being able to export the entire log. See Export the Drawings Register to a PDF or CSV.

Navigate Through Drawings Using a Keyboard's Arrow Keys (27/03/2020)

Procore has added a feature to the Drawings tool that allows you to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate between different drawings and drawing revisions while in the full-screen viewer. See View Drawings. This behaviour is consistent with the swiping gestures used while viewing drawings on the Procore iOS and Android apps.  

Updated Navigation Bar in the Drawings Viewer (12/03/2020)

The navigation bar for viewing drawings has been updated to show the Drawing Date and Set Name in the Revision drop-down menu. See View Drawings.

Create an RFI from a Drawing on Procore Web (13/02/2020)

Users with 'Standard' or 'Admin' permissions are now able to create RFIs directly from a drawing markup in the Drawings tool on Procore's web application. See Create or Link RFIs on a Drawing.
Note: Only Draft RFIs can be created using this method. To edit an RFI's status or add additional information, see Edit an RFI.

Updates to the Drawing Upload Window (05/02/2020)

Procore has updated the drawing upload window to be consistent with other upload windows in Procore. See Upload Drawings.

Spanish Default Disciplines and Abbreviations (21/01/2020)

For projects with the language set to Spanish, the relevant disciplines and abbreviations in Spanish will now be available for uploaded drawings in the Drawings tool. For example, a drawing labelled as ‘M-100’ will automatically be placed under the ‘Mecánica’ discipline.

Added a 'Drawing Language' Setting for Drawing Uploads (17/01/2020)

Under 'Advanced Options' when uploading drawings, you can now choose Spanish, French or English as the language that Procore will scan your set of drawings for. See Can I change the language that Procore scans my drawings for?