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Below are notable changes to the project's Program tool in 2017.

Added Detail Information To The Program Email Notification (1/12/2017)

The program update email has been updated to show similar information as the weekly project program email. Also added a link to the Program tool on the weekly project program, weekly resource program and program upload emails.

Updated Wording On Program Tool's Configure Settings Page (9/11/2017)

Updated the Program tool to change the wording on the Configure Settings page for Program Upload instructions.

Updated MPXJ To Version 6.1.0 (3/8/2017)

Updated the Program tool to add the ability to upload programs generated by

Added A New "Upload Via Documents Tool" Option To Programs Tool (6/7/2017)

Updated the Project level Programs tool to add a new option to program data uploads that will import programs from the Documents tool uploads. After selecting this file upload option, users must specify filename and extension for program imports, so anything uploaded to the Documents tool (as a new file upload or new file version upload) with that filename/extension will be uploaded as a new updated Program. Note: Program files uploaded to the Documents tool will only update the Program file if the user who uploads the file is an admin user to the Program tool.

Added A "Last Modified" Date/Time To Program Settings Page (8/6/2017)    

Updated the Project level Program tool to show in the Settings page "Last Modified At" that contains the latest date and time that a program was uploaded or updated.

Added A New Notes Field To Tasks (7/6/2017)

Updated the Project level Program tool to add a new "Notes" field to the programmed task's view page that will only show for imported program files that include notes. 

Added Pagination To 'All Programmed Items' Page In Program Tool (22/5/2017)

Updated the Project level Program tool to add pagination to the 'All Programmed Items' page. To access this page, click 'All' under 'View By' in the right sidebar of the Program tool.

Added Breadcrumbs To Program Tasks (12/5/2017)

Updated the Project level Program tool to replace the 'Back' button in the sidebar with breadcrumbs for tasks and todo items.

Updated List of Supported File Types In Project Program Settings (14/2/2017)

Updated the 'Project Program Settings' page (under the 'Upload Project Program Files' area) to add '-PPX (Phoenix Project Manager)' to the list of support program files. 

Program Tool Now Supports Phoenix Project Manager (PPX) File Uploads (9/2/2017)

Updated the Program tool so that users can now upload Phoenix Project Manager (PPX) program files. See Upload a Project Program to Procore's Web Application.