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Create a New Submittal in a Submittal Package


To create a new submittal in a submittal package


submittal package is a container that stores one or more submittals. Typically, a head contractor creates submittal packages that list all of the individual submittals specific to a particular trade or subcontractor. For example, one might create a submittal package to contain all of the plumbing-related submittals in a commercial building project.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' level permissions to the project's Submittals tool.
  • Prerequisite:
  • Limitation:
    • A submittal can only be added to one submittal package. However, you can move a submittal from one submittal package to another when editing the submittal. 
  • Additional Information:
    • After a submittal package is created, a user with 'Admin' level permission to the Submittals tool can use the Create Revision button to revise the submittal package. 


  1. Navigate to the project's Submittals tool. 
    This reveals the Submittals page. 
  2. Click the Packages link. 
    This reveals a list of all of your project's submittal packages. 
  3. Locate the desired submittal package and click Edit.
    This places the submittal package into edit mode. 
  4. Scroll down to the 'Create a New Submittal in this Package' area.

  5. Complete the following data entry:
    Note: An asterisk (*) denotes a required field. 
    • Private. Place a mark in the Visible Only to Admins, Workflow and Distribution List Members checkbox. This limits who can view the submittal in Procore. 
    • Type: Select the submittal type from the list. 
    • Number & Revision*: Procore automatically assigns the submittal item a number and revision. If this is the first submittal item being created in the package, it is assigned the number one (1). If this is the first revision of the item in the package, it is assigned revision number zero (0). For subsequent submittal items and submittal item revisions, the number is increments by a value of one (1).
    • Status: Define the state of the submittal in the Status box. You have these options:
      • Open (Default). Select this option to indicate that the submittal is waiting for approvers to respond.
      • Draft. Select this option to indicate that the submittal has been created but has not yet entered the submittal review and approval workflow
      • Closed. Select this option after both the submittal and the subcontractor is approved to perform the contracted work. 
        (Note: A user with 'Admin' level permissions to the company's Admin tool can create custom statuses for use with the Project level Submittals tool. See Create a Custom Submittal Register Status.)
    • Responsible Contractor: Select the responsible company or vendor from the list. Typically, this is the contractor (or subcontractor).
    • Submittal Manager: Select the name of the person responsible for managing the submittal throughout its lifecycle. This is a required field. The default entry for this field is the submittal creator. 
    • Attachments: Choose from these options to add file attachments to the submittal item:
      • To upload a file from your computer, click Attach File(s) and choose Upload a File From Your Computer from the shortcut menu. 
      • To select a file stored in the Documents tool (see Documents), click Attach File(s) and choose Select a File from Procore from the shortcut menu. 
      • To select a file stored in the Drawings tool (see Drawings), click Attach File(s) and choose Select a Drawing from Procore from the shortcut menu. 
        Note: If your company has integrated third-party tools with Procore, additional options may appear in the shortcut menu. 
      • To move files from your computer or a network location into Procore, select the desired file(s) and use a drag-and-drop operation to place them in the grey Drag and Drop File(s) area. 
  6. Click Create Submittal.
    This creates the new submittal item and adds it to the Submittals in the Package area. You can add as many submittal items as you want.
  7. Choose from these options:
    • If you want to create the submittal package but are NOT ready to send it to reviewers by email, click Create Package.
    • If you want to create the package and send it to your reviewers by email now, continue with Send the Submittal Package for Review
      Important: Before sending a package for review, always ensure you've added reviewers to each items submittal workflow and that all of the information in each submittal is updated to your satisfaction. See Next Steps for more information.
  8. Click Create Submittal.
    Note: The system automatically adds the members of the default distribution list for the Submittals tool to the submittal's distribution list.  
    A GREEN banner appears at the top of the submittal package's page to confirm that the submittal was updated successfully.
  9. Click Update.
    A GREEN banner appears at the top of the submittal package's page to confirm that the submittal package was updated successfully.