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Procore Support (en-au)

At what tier can an owner approve a Head Contract Variation (HCV)?


The variation tier setting configured for the Head Contracts tool only affects the number of tiers used for the overall change management process.  An owner can always be marked as a designated 'Reviewer' on a HCV when you want it to be approved by an owner. To learn how to approve a HCV as an owner, see Approve or Reject Head Contract Variations (PCCOs).


If your project is configured for 2-tier or 3-tier variations and your project team wants an owner to review variation information at an earlier point in the overall change management process,  you can email a Potential Variation (PV) or Variation Request (VR) to an owner. For instructions see the links below:

When configuring the number of head contract variation (HCV) tiers for the Head Contracts tool, a user with 'Admin' permission on the tool can choose between a 1-tier, 2-tier-, or 3-tier configuration. See What are the different variation tiers?