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Procore Support (en-au)

Approve or Reject Head Contract Variations


To approve or reject Head Contract Variation (HCV) as its 'Designated Reviewer.' 


variation details a modification that changes the scope of work or pricing of a contract. When you create a variation, you can assign another project user as the 'Designated Reviewer' for that variation. Only one (1) Procore user can be assigned as the 'Designated Reviewer' on a variation. In addition, before the reviewer can submit an 'Approve' or 'Reject' response, the variation must be placed into the Pending - In Review or Pending - Revised status.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To approve or reject a variation, 'Standard' level permissions or higher on the project's Head Contracts tool and assigned as the 'Designated Reviewer' on the variation. 
      Just want to view a variation? To learn more, see (Beta) View a Head Contract's Variations or View Variations
  • Additional Information:
    • A variation can only have one (1) 'Designated Reviewer' assigned to it. 
    • A 'Designated Reviewer' can only submit a 'Reviewer's Response' when the variation is in the 'Pending - In Review' or 'Pending - Revised ' status.
    • Variations must be reviewed in the Procore web application. Responses cannot be submitted via email or using the Procore Mobile app. 



  1. Open the variation requiring your response. Here are ways for a 'Designated Reviewer' to find it:
    • Locate the email message with the subject line: 'FW: Head Contract Variation: HCV #: Title.' Then click the View Online link in the email notification to view the variation in Procore. 
      • To receive this email message, it must be forwarded to you. For instructions, see Email Forward a Variation.
      • If you are NOT logged into Procore when you click the View Online line, you will be prompted to enter your login credentials. 
    • Navigate to the project's Home page and click the variation's link in the My Open Items area. See About the Project Home Page
      • A variation only appears in the 'My Open Items' area for the 'Designated Reviewer' when the variation is in the 'Pending - In Review' or 'Pending - Revised ' status.
    • Navigate to the project's Head Contracts tool. Locate the head contract and click its Number link to open it. Then click its Variations tab. Locate the variation and click View. See View a Head Contract
    • Navigate to the Variations tool. In the Head Contracts tab, locate the variation and click View. See View Variations.
  2. Review the variation.
  3. Scroll to the 'Reviewer's Response' text box. This section is only visible to the person assigned as the 'Designated Reviewer' list on the variation.
    How is a 'Designated Reviewer' assigned to variations? For instructions, see Create a Head Contract Variation
  4. Choose from these options:
    • To reject the variation, enter any comments about the reason. Then click Reject this HCV
    • To approve the variation, enter any comments. Then click Approve this HCV. 

After you click the approve or reject button detailed above, Procore does the following to the variation:

  • Updates the status of the variation status to 'Approved' or 'Rejected'. See What are the default statuses for variations in Procore?
  • Sends an email notification to the person who created the variation to alert them of your response. 
  • Adds your name to the 'Reviewer' field on the variation. 
  • Adds the date you submitted your response to the 'Review Date' field.