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Edit Your Company's Timesheets in Bulk


To edit multiple company timesheets at once. 


If your company has a large number of timesheets, you might want to occasionally make bulk edits to all or some of your employee's timesheets. For example, you might need to change the Time Type on a group of timesheets from 'Regular Time' to 'Double Time' or to adjust the 'Start Time' or 'Stop Time' for multiple employees. To do this, use the Edit option in the Bulk Actions menu in the company's Timesheets tool. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' permission on the company's Timesheets tool.
  • Limitation:
    • Currently, you can only edit timecards that belong to the same project. 



  1. Navigate to the company's Timesheets tool.
  2. Select the time period by clicking the arrows next to the Work Week label.
  3. Mark the checkbox next to the timesheet(s) to work with.
    The time entries you select must be from the same project to continue with the next steps.
  4. Click Bulk Actions and choose the Edit option.
    • If a project's Timesheets tool is configured to use the 'Start Time and Stop Time' time entry setting, the Total Time box is grayed out and not available. 
    • If a project's Timesheets tool is configured to use the 'Total Hours' time entry setting, the Start Time and Stop Time boxes are grayed out and not available.
    • To learn how to adjust the time entry settings for future timesheets on Procore projects, see Configure Advanced Settings: Project Level Timesheets
    • Start Time. Select the desired start time for the shift. 
    • Stop Time. Select the desired stop time for the shift. 
    • Total Time. Enter the total time your company's Timesheets tool is configured for entry of hours worked. 
    • Time Type. Select the time type. To learn about adding time types, see Configure Advanced Settings: Company Level Timesheets.
  5. Click Apply Changes
    Proocre displays the changes that will be applied in GREEN. 
  6. Click Save Changes.