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Assign Project Cost Codes to Sub Jobs


To assign cost codes to sub jobs for your project's Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).


If your company has option to enable the sub jobs feature, you can add sub jobs to your Procore project. After adding sub jobs, you can then use the steps below to assign cost codes to the sub jobs. This allows you to associate your project's sub jobs (which is a flat segment) with your project's cost codes (which is a tiered segment)—which allows you to better track your project's financial information.  

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permission on the Project level Admin tool.
  • Limitations:
    • Custom Segments are NOT supported with the ERP Integrations tool.


  1. Navigate to the project's Admin tool.
  2. Under 'Project Settings', click the Work Breakdown Structure link. 
  3. In the 'Segments' table, click the Sub Jobs link.
    • If the 'Sub Jobs' link is not visible in the 'Segments' table, see Enable Sub Jobs for WBS.
    • Before you can add a sub job to a project, your company's Procore Administrator must add your company cost codes. See Add Company Cost Codes.
    • For sub jobs, cost codes are copied over from the company level standard cost code list and not the project level cost code list.
  4. In the 'Sub Jobs' list, locate the sub job that you want to assign cost codes to. 
  5. Click the vertical ellipsis on the line item and choose the Assign Cost Codes option from the Overflow menu. 
  6. In the 'Assign Cost Codes to [Sub Job Description]', choose from these options:
    • To assign all of your project's cost codes to the selected sub job, click the Select All Cost Codes button. 
    • To assign specific project cost codes to the selected sub job, navigate to the desired cost code(s) in the tree and then highlight the cost code(s). 
  7. Click the Assign button. 
    A GREEN banner appears to confirm the cost code assignment was successful. 
    • If any selected cost code(s) are already being used by an existing project cost code, Procore will NOT assign those cost codes to the sub job. Instead, a YELLOW banner appears to notifying you that the affected cost code(s) are already in use. To see the list of the affected cost codes, click the Show Details button.