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Below are the notable changes to the project's Observations tool in 2020.

'Create Fieldsets' Button Added to the Observations Tool (16/11/2020)

In an effort to help users more effectively customise tools, Procore has added a Create Fieldsets button to show page of the Observations tool. This allows Admins to apply a fieldset by navigating directly from the Observations tool to the Fieldsets tab at the Company level. See Create Configurable Fieldset from an Observation.

Custom Translation for Observation Types (2/6/2020)

Procore has released the ability for users with 'Admin' level permissions on the company's Admin tool to configure translations for Observation Types created in the Observations tool. This allows teams who work in more than one language to maintain consistency at the project level when recording observations. See Add Custom Translations to Observation Types.

Working Days for Due Dates on Observations (9/3/2020)

With the newly added ability to configure which days are classified as 'working days' in a project, due dates for observations will now depend on the project's 'working days'. See Set Project Working Days and Configure Advanced Settings: Observations.

Create Custom Fields (13/2/2020)

Company Admin users can now create fieldsets for the Observation tool using configurable fieldsets. See Create New fieldsets. These fieldsets will function like other fields in Procore and can be included in reports in the Company and Project level Reports tools.