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About Head Contract Progress Claim (Beta)

 In Beta 

The content on this page details the modernised experience for owner progress claims. It is available to Project Financials users who are participating in the Beta program.


To provide Procore users with information about head contract progress claim in Procore. 


Procore's Progress Claim Management product includes the Project level Invoicing tool, which supports two types of progress claims on a construction project:

  • Subcontractor Progress Claims
    In construction accounting, accounts payable (A/P) refers to the bills received from your downstream collaborators. From the perspective of a Procore company account holder, these are the subcontractor progress claims created in the project's Commitments tool that bill against your project's purchase orders and subcontracts
  • Head Contract Progress Claim
    In construction accounting, accounts receivable (A/R) are the bills sent to upstream collaborators for payment. From the perspective of a Procore company account holder, these are your head contract progress claim. Head contract progress claim are created in the project's Head Contracts tool and you send them to your upstream collaborator(s) as bills for the work you perform on your project's head contracts. Procore can also expedite the payment process, by automatically generating your owner progress claim(s) and completing them with amounts from your 'Approved' subcontractor progress claims. 



Create Your Head Contract Progress Claim in Procore

The steps for creating head contract progress claim in Procore include:

Step Description Learn More
Decide who can create head contracts and head contract progress claim on your project Provide these users with 'Admin' level permissions on the Head Contracts tool. Procore recommends using a permissions template to manage user access to your head contracts and head contract progress claim. See What is a permissions template? Create a Project Permissions Template
Create a head contract Create one or more head contract(s) on your Procore project. The head contract must be in the 'Approved' status before you can create a progress claim against it.  Create Head Contracts
Configure the owner progress claim settings on the head contract Configure the 'Head Contract Progress Claim' settings in the Advanced Settings of a head contract.  Edit the Advanced Settings on a Head Contract
Decide if you want to electronically complete the required signatures with DocuSign® Since head contracts and progress claims are legal documents, decide how you want to complete the signature process. Your options are:
  • Using the Procore + DocuSign® integration
  • Collecting signatures manually and scanning them into Procore as an attachment on the head contract and/or owners progress claim. 
Create a billing period for your progress claims Create a billing period, which defines the start, end and billing date for a progress claim.  Create Billing Periods
Create an owner progress claim Create an owner progress claim to use when submitting your application for payment to the upstream collaborator for your work in the current billing period. 

Create Head Contract Progress Claim

Optional: Complete the Owner Progress Claim in DocuSign® Once you've created and approved the progress claim, you can complete the signature process in DocuSign®. Complete Owner Progress Claims with DocuSign®

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