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Below are the notable changes to the project's Defect List tool in 2019.

New Defect List Dashboard (19/7/2019)

Procore has updated the Defect List tool to provide users with a new dashboard. The Defect List dashboard provides you with an interactive collection of visual graphs and charts to help you locate a project's defect list items so you can quickly take action on them. See View the Defect List Dashboard.

Review and Send Defect List items on Mobile (27/6/2019) 

The Procore iOS and Android mobile apps now offer the functionality for 'Admin' users to review which defect list items are ready to be sent and select which items to send out. See Send Defect List Items (iOS) and Send Defect List Items (Android).

New Clear All Assignees Option in Bulk Actions Menu (2/5/2019) 

Users now have access to a new option that clears all assignees from selected defect list items in bulk. For details, see Perform Bulk Actions on Defect List Items.

Configure Defect List Notification Settings (12/4/2019)

Users with 'Admin' level permission can now use the Defect List tool to specify which defect list emails are sent out, as well as to specify the email recipients. By default, the Project level Defect List tool sends the following email notifications to the responsible party when a given action is performed. These email settings can be configured in the Project level Defect List tool's settings. To learn more, see Defect List: New Defect List Notification Settings

Enhanced Search (11/3/2019)

Users can now search across the following fields in the Defect List tool: Number, Type, Title, Assignee Company, Assignee Name, DescriptionLocation, and Reference.

New Defect List Workflow (18/1/2019) 

Updated the Defect List tool with a new Defect List Workflow that adds new roles of Defect Manager and Final Approver, additional defect item statuses and a new Activity Feed view