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View a Timesheet

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To view a timesheet in the project's Timesheets tool.


When viewing the list of timesheets in the project's Timesheets tool, you can control which sheets are in view using the calendar control. By default, Procore always displays timesheets for the current date. You can also adjust this to display a range of dates. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Read-only' level permissions or higher on the project's Timesheets tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • If the Private Timecards setting is enabled in the company Timesheets tool, users with Read-only OR Standard permissions on the project's Timesheet tool will only see timesheets they are assigned to or they created, see Configure Advanced Settings: Company Level Timesheets.
    • Admins of the Company Timesheets tool will still be able to see all timesheets, regardless of their permission level at the Project Timesheets tool.



  1. Navigate to the project's Timesheets tool.
    The timesheets page automatically opens to the current date.
  2. Select a date or date range from the date field.
    Note: To see ALL timesheets, leave the date field blank.

    view timesheet 8-8-18.jpg
    Note: If you see an 'Individual Entries' section, time was entered for an employee using the Company level Timecard tool, the 'Timecards' section of the Site Diary tool or the My Time mobile app.