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What do we need to consider before allowing downstream collaborators to submit progress claims in Procore?


Before granting your downstream collaborators permission to submit subcontractor progress claims for their commitments on a Procore project, your company's Procore Administrator and project teams should decide if it is the best choice for your company. Questions to ask include:

  • Do you want to save time and effort by allowing downstream collaborators to submit their own progress claims to your Procore project?
  • Does the downstream collaborator have an employee or representative to be an progress claim contact

Don't want your downstream collaborators submitting progress claims in Procore? If your team prefers to collect paper or digital progress claims from downstream collaborators outside of Procore, simply provide one or more project team member(s) with the required user permissions so they can Create a Subcontractor Progress Claim on Behalf of a Progress Claim Contact.


To help your team decide who can submit progress claims in your Procore projects, review the information in this table.

Who do you want to create the progress claim? What is this person called in Procore? Does this person require access permissions to the Project level Commitments tool?  Is this person's access permissions to our project's commitments and invoicing data limited?  Learn More
An employee or representative for a downstream collaborator Progress Claim Contact No. A progress claim contact only has access to view data and submit progress claims for their assigned commitments. 

Yes. To view a commitment and all of its corresponding progress claim data, you must designate a progress claim contact for each individual commitment in your project.

A trusted employee or team member Progress Claim Administrator Yes. A progress claim administrator can create, read, update, and delete all project commitments. No. This person can view all of the commitment and progress claim data on the project(s) to which they have been granted access permissions.