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Accept or Decline an 'Invite to Bill' as an Progress Claim Contact


To accept or decline an 'Invite to Bill' as an progress claim contact.


If you are the designated 'Progress Claim Contact' for a subcontracting company, the progress claim administrator will create a billing period in Procore. After the billing period is open, the progress claim manager will also send you an email message with the subject line, "Project Name: User Name has invited you to bill."  This 'Invite to Bill' message is sent as a courtesy reminder to help ensure that you create a new subcontractor progress claim before the billing period's 'Due Date' for the billing period.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To accept or decline the 'Invite to Bill' email message, 'Read Only' level permissions on the project's Commitments tool.
    • Your user account must be designated as an progress claim contact on the purchase order or subcontract.



  1. Open your email Inbox. 
  2. Look for the email message with the subject line, " "Project Name: User Name has invited you to bill." 
  3. Open the invite to bill. 

  4. Review the Progress Claim Details:
    • Billing Period. Indicates the date range for the current billing cycle for which you can submit an progress claim. 
    • Invited By. The name of the Procore user who sent you the 'Invite to Bill.' This is typically the progress claim administrator. 
    • Due Date. The date your progress claim is due. You cannot submit an progress claim in Procore after this date passes.  
  5. Respond to the Do you want to bill this period? question:
    • Yes. If you are ready to create a new progress claim for this billing period, click this button to open the new progress claim page in the Procore web application.
      • If you are not currently logged into your Procore user account, you will be required to enter your login credentials to validate that you have been granted the appropriate permission to open the New Progress Claim page. 
      • If you are attempting to register in after the billing periods 'Due Date,' a banner message appears to notify you that the due date has passed and you will not be permitted to submit an progress claim. 
      • If you want to submit an progress claim after the 'Due Date,' you must contact the company you performed work to request that they create the progress claim on your behalf. See Create an Progress Claim on Behalf of an Progress Claim Contact.
    • No. If you do NOT want to create a new progress claim for this billing period click this button. Procore records your response and displays the following confirmation message to show you indicated that you did not want to bill this period. 

      If you misplaced or inadvertently deleted your 'Invite to Bill', see Does an progress claim contact need an 'Invite to Bill' to submit an progress claim?

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