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Review a Subcontractor Progress Claim as an Admin


To approve or reject the line items on a downstream progress claim as an progress claim administrator.


If you are a progress claim administrator for your project, it's important to ensure the progress claims submitted by your downstream collaborators are accurate. To support that, Procore provides you with the ability to approve or reject individual line item(s) on a progress claim's Schedule of Values card. To approve or reject line item(s), your Procore user account must be assigned the required user permissions detailed below. Once you have been granted the appropriate permissions, you can use the steps below to review the progress claims submitted to your team for payment. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
  • Additional Information:
    • Progress Claim administrators can review line items on any progress claim and are NOT limited to reviewing only most recent progress claim. However, it is important to keep in mind that rejecting a line item will NOT change the value of the progress claim. 
    • To learn how to review a project progress claim using the project's Commitments tool, see Review Subcontractor Progress Claims as an Administrator.



  1. Navigate to the project's Invoicing tool. 
  2. Click the Subcontractor tab. 
  3. Locate the progress claim to review and click its Progress Claim link. 
  4. Scroll to the Schedule of Values card.
  5. Click the Edit button. 
  6. In the Line Item Approval column, approve or reject each line item on the progress claim as follows:

    As you review each line item, keep in mind:

    • Progress Claim administrators can review line items on any progress claim:
      • You are NOT limited to reviewing only the most recent progress claim.
      • Rejecting line item(s) does NOT change line item amount(s). Amounts must be updated by a progress claim administrator or progress claim contact.
      • Downstream progress claim contacts can only update progress claims when granted the required user permissions to submit progress claims. See Revise & Resubmit a Progress Claim as a Progress Claim Contact.
    • If you have turned the 'Show Amounts Subcontractors Claim' toggle ON in the Invoicing tool the 'Proposed Amount' column appears.
      • To learn how to create a payment program from the Invoicing tool, see Create a Payment Program
      • To learn how to create a payment program from the Progress Billings tool, see Create a Payment Program from the Progress Billings Tool.
      • When this toggle is turned ON, Procore includes the rejection comment on the progress claim in the "Reasons for Difference" box in the PDF export of the progress claim. 
    • The 'Proposed Amount' column can reflect what a progress claim contact submitted, a user with 'Admin' level permissions can adjust the 'Work Completed This Period' and 'Materials Presently Stored' columns separately to set the appropriate amounts.
    • To learn more about the Schedule of Values in a subcontractor progress claim, see Create a Progress Claim on Behalf of a Progress Claim Contact or Submit a New Progress Claim as a Progress Claim Contact.
    • To approve a line item, click the GREY checkmark to approve it. A GREEN checkmark indicates you have approved the line item.
    • To reject a line item:
      1. Click the GREY 'x' to reject it. A RED 'x' indicates you have rejected the line item. 
        This opens the Reason (Optional) box. 
      2. Enter a reason in the Reason (Optional) box.
      3. Click Add.

        Comments entered in the 'Reason (Optional)' box are NOT included in the automated email sent to the progress claim contact. However, you can export a PDF that includes a 'Reasons for Difference' table that shows the comments as entered. See Export a Subcontractor Progress Claim.

  7. Click one (1) of the save options:
    • Save. Click this button to save the progress claim and keep it in the 'Under Review' status. 
    • Save & Change Status. Click this button to open the 'Save Edits and Change Status' window. Then, select the desired status and enter any information that you want to convey to the progress claim contact in the Overall Comments box. Then click Save & Change Status.
      What status do I change the progress claim to? To learn more about the available statuses, see What are the default statuses for Procore progress claims?