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About Progress Billings

 Limited Release
flag-us.png flag-canada.png The Progress Billings tool is only available to Procore customers in the United States and Canada who have implemented the Procore for Speciality Contractors point-of-view dictionary. To learn more, see (Limited Release) Owners & Speciality Contractors Point-of-View Dictionary Options


To use the Progress Billings tool as a Speciality Contractor managing your project's progress billings in Procore


In Procore's Progress Billings tool, Speciality Contractors can manage two (2) types of progress billings on a construction project:

  • Downstream billings. In Procore, downstream billings bill against a project's subcontracts created in the Commitments tool. In Procore, term progress billings is synonymous with the term subcontractor progress claims, which are your payable progress claims. 
  • Upstream billings. In Procore, upstream billings include HC/Client progress claims that bill against a project's client contracts created in the Client Contracts tool. In Procore, term HC/Client progress claims is synonymous with the term head contract progress claim, which are your receivable progress claims. 

Using the Client Contracts, Commitments and Progress Billings tools, your project team can incrementally collect, review and approve progress billing for your project's billing periods and for the agreed-upon progress milestones in your contracts.

The first step of the progress billing process is to create your purchase orders and subcontracts and to designate a progress billing contact for the subcontractors and vendors who will be billing you for the work they perform. For customers using Procore's Progress Billings tool, the term progress claim contact is synonymous with progress billing contact in Procore.

The next step is for the person (or people) responsible for managing your project's progress claims to set up a billing period. In this documentation, we refer to that person as the progress claim administrator. A billing period allows you to organise your progress claims—monthly, weekly or a custom length. 

For your project, you can choose to create the progress billings for your subcontractors and vendors or you have option to send your progress billing contacts an 'Invite to Bill'—which is a courtesy reminder to submit the billing by the due date. After the billings are submitted, you can generate your project's HC/Client progress claims based on your progress billings. 



Create Your Progress Billings in Procore

The steps in the progress billing workflow are designed for use by your team's progress claim administrator(s). You also have the option to either create all of your project's progress billings on behalf of your progress claim contacts or to invite your progress claim contacts to submit their own progress claims:

  1. Add at least one (1) progress billing contact to the purchase order or subcontract using one (1) of these tools:
    For customers using Procore's Progress Billings tool, the term progress claim contact is synonymous with progress billing contact in Procore.
  2. Create a billing period using the Progress Billings tool:
  3. Decide who can create progress claims for your Procore project. Users have these choices:
  4. After the progress claims are created, a user with 'Admin' level permissions must review it. See Review a Progress Billing as an 'Admin.'
    •  If you are an 'Invoice Contact' who has also been granted 'Standard' permission on a project's Commitments tool, you can check the status of the line items on your progress claim, see any comments left by the person who reviewed your progress claim submission and adjust those line item amounts as needed to resubmit your progress claim for another review. To learn more, see Revise & Resubmit a Progress Billing as a Progress Claim Contact.

Optional: Export Your Progress Billings to an Integrated ERP System

If your company is using one of Procore's ERP Integrations and you want to sync the progress billings from your Procore project with an integrated ERP system, you first need to determine if progress billing exports are supported. The list below details the ERP Integrations that support progress billing exports. 

ERP Integration Name  For instructions
Integration by Procore: Connects Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum® Progress billings cannot be synced at this time.
Integration by Ryvit: Connects Procore to Viewpoint® Vista™ Progress billings cannot be synced at this time.
Procore + Sage 100 Contractor® Progress billings cannot be synced at this time.
Procore + Sage 300 CRE® Export Subcontractor Progress Claims from Procore to Sage 300 CRE® 1
Procore + QuickBooks® Desktop Export Subcontractor Progress Claims from Procore to QuickBooks® Desktop 1

1 For customers using Procore's Progress Billings tool, the term subcontractor progress claim is synonymous with the term progress billing