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Add Progress Claim Contacts to a Purchase Order or Subcontract from the Progress Billings Tool

 Phased Release: New admin & Collaborator Views for Subcontractor Progress Claims
On March 23, 2022, the modernised subcontractor progress claim experience was turned ON in all Procore project's using Procore's Progress Claim Management tools. To give you time to preview the design changes, Procore is providing users with the option to switch between the modernised and legacy experience until September 2023. After September 2023, the ability to exit out of the new experience will be removed and the legacy experience will no longer be available in Procore. To learn more, see Financial Management: New Admin & Collaborator Views for Subcontractor Invoicing.
 Limited Release
flag-us.png flag-canada.png The Progress Billings tool is only available to Procore customers in the United States and Canada who have implemented the Procore for Speciality Contractors point-of-view dictionary. To learn more, see (Limited Release) Owners & Speciality Contractors Point-of-View Dictionary Options


To add an progress claim contact to a purchase order or subcontract in a Procore project.


While creating a purchase order or subcontract, you can add one or more progress claim contact(s) from your Project Directory using the steps below.

Things to Consider


  • Add the progress claim contact's user account to the Project Directory. See Add a User Account to the Project Directory.
    • When adding or updating the progress claim contact's user account in the Company Directory, ensure that:
      • The user account in the Company level Directory tool is set to Active.
      • The email address entered for the user account is valid.
      • The 'Send this User Messages' setting in the user account must be turned ON by selecting the Via Email option from the drop-down list.  
    • When adding or updating the 'Contact Information' on the company record's 'General' tab in the Company Directory, the user must be listed in the 'Users' tab to appear as a selection in the Company Directory tool's 'Invoice Contacts' drop-down list.
    • The users that you designate as 'Invoice Contacts' in the Company Directory are then available in the 'Invoice Contacts' drop-down list on a purchase order or subcontract.
  • Enable the 'Notify Subcontractors when Progress Claims are Approved' setting in the Commitments tool. See Configure Settings: Commitments.
  • Complete the steps in Create a Purchase Order or Create a Subcontract.


  1. Navigate to the project's Progress Billings tool.
  2. Click the Subcontractor tab.
  3. Locate the progress claim to work with in the list. Then, click its Contract link to open the commitment contact. 
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Under 'General Information', do the following:
    • Make sure the correct company is selected in the Contract Company drop-down list. 
    • Select one or more individuals from the Progress Claim Contacts drop-down list. The users you select here are automatically added to the 'Private' drop-down list. 

      To select an progress claim contact from the 'Progress Claim Contacts' list, the following must be true:

  6. Click Save.

    When does Procore send email notifications to progress claim contacts? A progress claim contact receives an email notification from Procore when:

    • A progress claim's status is updated to Revise & Resubmit.
    • The Subcontractor Schedule of Values status on a downstream progress claim is updated to Revise & Resubmit.
    • A user with 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Commitments tool does the following:
      • Clicks the Create & Email or Save & Email button on the General tab of a purchase order or subcontract. 
      • Sends an 'Invite to Bill' to the progress claim contact. 
        Note: Procore does NOT send email notifications to progress claim contacts when:
        • A progress claim administrator creates or updates a Subcontractor Schedule of Values on a downstream progress claim on behalf of a progress claim contact.
        • A progress claim administrator changes the status of a Subcontractor Schedule of Values on a downstream progress claim Approved, Draft or Under Review.

    When does Procore send email notifications to members of a progress claim's distribution list? Members added to a progress claim's distribution list receive an email notification on a downstream progress claim when:

    • A progress claim contact submits a Subcontractor Schedule of Values.
    • A progress claim contact edits and re-submits a Subcontractor Schedule of Values. 
    • A progress claim administrator changes the status of the Subcontractor Schedule of Values from any status to 'Under Review.'