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The following table highlights which user permissions are required to perform the described user action.

icon-mindtouch-table-mobile.png  - Denotes an action supported in Procore's iOS and/or Android mobile application.

Task None Read Only Standard Admin
Add a Comment to a Meeting Item     icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Add a Meeting Category        icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Add a Meeting Item icon-mindtouch-table-mobile.png       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Add a Meeting To Your Personal Calendar   icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Add a Related Item to a Meeting       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Add Meeting Minutes  icon-mindtouch-table-mobile.png       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Configure Advanced Settings: Meetings        icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Convert a Meeting from Agenda to Minutes Mode icon-mindtouch-table-mobile.png       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Create a Follow-up Meeting       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Create a Meeting icon-mindtouch-table-mobile.png       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Create a Meeting from a Template       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Delete a Meeting       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Delete a Meeting Category       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Delete a Meeting Item       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Distribute a Meeting Agenda       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Distribute and Redistribute Meeting Minutes       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Edit a Meeting Item       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Edit a Meeting icon-mindtouch-table-mobile.png       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Export a Meeting as a PDF   icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Forward a Meeting by Email       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Initiate an Email Communication Thread for a Meeting icon-mindtouch-table-check.png1     icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Record Meeting Attendance       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Reorder Meeting Items and Categories       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Search for a Meeting  icon-mindtouch-table-mobile.png   icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Star Previous Minutes       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
View a Meeting  icon-mindtouch-table-mobile.png   icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
View Previous Minutes   icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
View the Change History of a Meeting       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png

1 Any person (even non-Procore users) with the email address for the meeting can initiate a communication thread. See Initiate an Email Communication Thread for a Meeting.

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